Perhaps Westback West Virginia on August 31 is not even on the roster yet ...

When the former reserve reserve of Oklahoma Sooner Austin Kendall announced its transfer to West Virginia in mid-January, most of the fans of the Mountaineer accepted that it was the heir that was there to commit Neal Brown to run in 2019, but does not seem to be so.

According to a source, none of the three quarters of a scholarship was extremely significant throughout the Spring workouts. In fact, during his final press conference before the Spring-Blue Spring game last month, Brown noticed that “playback” was too low and that Trent Jackson's walking signal caller had the best thing to wear in that day practice session. Now, according to the same source, Brown is assessing the possibility of adding another quarter transfer to the roster in West Virginia to boost the competition towards the Summer, and he might start at the forefront of seasons. the Mountaineer against James Madison.

Looking quickly at the portal portal, it seems there are couple options where Brown can go to them – most likely to have former back-quarter Troy Smith Smith. Smith announced his transfer from the Trojan program two weeks ago, and he would give information on Brown's offense. Smith started seven games for the Trojans last season after Kaleb Barker's knee injury ended the season making the center of the season. (Update 3:30 PM: Smith announced that he will be transferring to Kentucky as a phased transfer).

The most likely candidate is Jarret Doege Bowling Green – Seth Doege's former Texas Tech quarter. Doege announced that he had moved from the Hawk on last Wednesday and if you would like to read it on Twitter recently, it seems that the ball could already be rolling on this one.

Doege started all games for Bowling Green last season, and spent 2,660 yards and 27 territory with a finished percentage of 62.6%. Doege is entering into a real junior season in 2019. While the NCAA rules require that Doege be forced to transfer the next season due to a transfer, he may be able to make a case to immediate waiver based on Bowling Green's head coaching position.

Keep an eye on this story next week.

  • Although Neal Brown is measuring his options by quarterback in todays, there is a quarterbacks coach Seán Reagan was busy last week, working on the future. Reagan Dacula, formerly Colten Gauthier, offered GA class 2021, and Gunner Stockton, class 2022 recruited by Tiger, GA.

Be aware that Gunner Stockton is the fourth quarter name of 12 football, and I was fully on board in his command in 2024.

  • Where you have lost it, West Virginia golf team is in charge of NCAA Tournament. The Sean Covich squad will begin regional play today as No. 8 in the Regional Lousiville. The Mountaineers will paired with Iowa State and Arizona for the first round, which starts at 8:25 AM. This was the first appearance of the Mountaineers in the NCAA Competition since the program was returned in 2015, and the first since 1947. live updates provided by GolfStat.
  • Apart from another series won by Kansas States, the West Virginia baseball team will take the Pittsburgh Panthers in PNC Park in Pittsburgh tomorrow. There is a big win at the Panthers as well, after two of the three against No. 11 were ranked in North Carolina during the weekend. If you are in the Pittsburgh area, or in West West West Virginia, go to PNC Park tomorrow evening and support your Mountains.

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