Home News Permanent Secretary of Sakon Nakhon clarified that there is no shop selling real dog meat. After the famous page posted for sale more than 300 menus.

Permanent Secretary of Sakon Nakhon clarified that there is no shop selling real dog meat. After the famous page posted for sale more than 300 menus.

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Permanent Secretary explained 18 districts in Sakon Nakhon province. No store sells real dog meat. after the famous page posted for sale ‘Dog Sushi’ offers more than 300 dog meat dishes that are recognized by famous chefs.

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On September 24, reporters reported that a Facebook page called “Real dog meat Sakon Nakhon by Witthaya” posted a picture of selling meat. that the page claims to be dog meat and also described that The page is ready to open the experience for everyone who visits to enjoy fresh live dog meat and more than 300 meat menus in 20 meat categories. which uses raw materials imported from around the world Ready to choose from at a tangible price. to the most premium products The type that does not have to fly far to Japan, such as the Shiba dog breed. Siberian Husky, etc.

including the freshness of a variety of seasonal dogs The importation of these dogs is due to cooperation with partners around the world over 35 years of experience guaranteed by a reputation that is recognized by the chef. famous restaurant Michelin Star Restaurant And many hi-end hotels in Japan, France, Italy, with the freshness and quality of the dogs imported from all 8 fishing ports under the company’s chain. connected since the northern part of the continent until the southern part of of Australia Import 5 times a week

The page also indicates the section types. of meat with prices starting at 50-4,000 baht per 200 grams, for example, stray dog ​​meat, priced at 50-99 baht, Inuwagyu beef, 1,000-4,000 baht, etc. The page also posted that there is a special menu of beef sushi. the dog, describing the picture saying: Our shop is not just selling meat. We also make a menu from dog meat. This dish is a special menu of our restaurant. “Dog Sushi” is a perfect blend of Isan food and Japanese food. Made from 100% real dog meat. Try it and you will like it.

After being shared There are 2,413 likes, 1,600 shares, 1,800 comments, causing the netizens to crack. Some people find it inappropriate. because it may affect the minds of dog lovers Some saw it as a joke. along with comments to answer back and forth in a fun way or some people have doubts Selling for real or pretending to play?

Reporters reported that While this story was shared The page’s name has the word Sakon Nakhon associated with it, causing the people of Sakon Nakhon to be very dissatisfied and demanding that the page be deleted because it’s not fun. that used the name of the province to cause damage leading to misunderstandings If you want to eat, eat or sell, you can name whatever you want. But can’t use this name.

The reporters then checked the facts. This page does not sell or buy dog ​​meat as posted. Just created to spin for fun only.

Mr. Pisit Raethong, Permanent Secretary of Sakon Nakhon Province came out to clarify that case. Now, I have ordered all 18 districts to inspect. I haven’t found a real dog meat shop in Sakon Nakhon province. as shown in online media In the insights, it was also found that the said page was not in Sakon Nakhon province.

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