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Persist in “clearing” or “coexisting with the virus”-C viewpoint: Shi Yongqing-am730

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Insist on “clearing” or “coexisting with the virus”

In the case of more than 50,000 new cases of new coronary pneumonia every day, the United Kingdom still insists on fully unblocking it, allowing the people to return to a life without social distancing, and even masks can choose not to wear. For many Asian countries, the British approach is almost a gamble. Because if the epidemic goes out of control again, wouldn’t it be necessary to return to the state of autism, then all previous efforts will be wiped out and the losses will be heavy.

The reason why the UK does this is because more than half of the population in the UK has been vaccinated with two doses, and nearly 70% of those who have received one dose. Although people who have been vaccinated may be infected by the virus, they rarely develop severe illnesses. The mortality rate is very low, and it is not much different from the flu. Therefore, the United Kingdom feels that it can choose to coexist with the virus.

If the development of the matter proves that the judgment of the British government is not wrong, I believe that many Western countries will follow, because these countries, whether at the government level or the people level, have entered a serious epidemic fatigue state. They saw that the British people called “Unblocking Day” “Freedom Day,” a nationwide carnival, and they were all eager to try. In recent days, even Singapore, which has always adopted strict epidemic prevention measures, has decided to choose a strategy of coexisting with the virus. Other Asian countries that insist on “clearing” have been under pressure.

It is believed that when the vaccination rate in European and American countries reaches a certain level, as long as the mortality rate can be contained at an acceptable level, they will fully clear customs, so that the people can lead a normal life and economic activities can resume without restriction. start up. At that time, other countries still want to “clear” and continue to close customs, there will be a lot of pressure. Because you want to “clear”, you have to maintain strict border controls externally and strictly observe social distancing internally. Then economic development will inevitably be limited, and it can’t be compared with “countries that accept coexistence with the virus.” Over time, the gap in economic development between the two sides will widen and it will not be easy to catch up in the future.

Hong Kong’s economy is export-oriented, and its function is to help strengthen exchanges between China and the West. If the West is willing to clear customs while Hong Kong shuts down, Hong Kong’s status as a cosmopolitan city will be severely damaged, giving Singapore a chance to take advantage of it.

However, as a part of China, Hong Kong cannot ignore Beijing’s attitude. According to my calculations, China should not follow Western practices so quickly. Because the vaccination rate in the third world is still very low, most of which are below 10%. If full exchanges are resumed at this stage, the epidemic will definitely break out in backward countries, their medical systems will definitely collapse, and a large number of people will die because of loss of medical care. China should not behave in such selfish and inhumane behavior.

Therefore, Hong Kong people should be psychologically prepared. Beijing will continue to use “clearing” as the goal of the epidemic prevention policy for a certain period of time, and Hong Kong’s foreign exchanges will still be subject to certain restrictions-returning to Hong Kong from other places will still be compulsory quarantine , Accept the test. Hong Kong’s external commercial exchanges will still be restricted, and it will be difficult for Hong Kong’s tourism industry to recover under such circumstances.

I believe that China will not fully pass customs until the following conditions do occur: (i) After the West has unblocked, the mortality rate can indeed be maintained within an acceptable range; (ii) Vaccines are equally immune to variant viruses. ; (Iii) The third world has also developed herd immunity through vaccination or natural infection. It seems that Hong Kong can only adopt this attitude.

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