Personal stuff seen on Google, it’s very difficult: Methil Devika opens up

The personal lives of celebrities are often in the news. One such thing that was in news was the divorce of Methil Devika, a dancer who is very popular with Malayalees, and Mukesh, an actor and MLA.

When the divorce news broke, Devika’s reaction to it was much noticed. Now, in an interview with The Fourth, Devika explained that the news of the divorce caused difficulties.

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When the presenter pointed out when searching the name on Google, that what she sees are personal things, especially news about a divorce, Devika’s response was that it worries her a lot.

Many external universities contact for classes. Then they will google my name. Then this is all that is seen. When they get an outside fellowship, the first thing they do is google me. It causes me a lot of trouble. That news is the most important information about me. Not only that, I have an excellent academic background. Because of that I did another thing, started a website. It includes all my dances, classes and lectures. It is also a great joy that there are many people who see and follow all this’ – says Devika.

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