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Long Covid is a symptom that occurs in patients with COVID-19. Although they are recovering, no virus is found in the body. But after an infection, it can affect health in the long term.

The most common symptoms include Tired more easily, hair loss, chronic fatigue insomnia, headaches, etc., in order for the body to recover as quickly and completely as possible Therefore, the body needs to be regenerated from outside and strengthen the immune system from the inside to return to its original strength by taking essential vitamins suitable for our body.

Who is the personal vitamin suitable for?
• Patients after recovery from COVID-19
• People with various chronic illnesses.
• People who do not have time to look after themselves. or have a fast lifestyle

• Those with a poor absorption system. have bowel problems
• People who do not eat from the 5 food groups or who are concerned about their nutrition.
• Pregnant women, breastfeeding
• Elderly and sick people. These people do not get enough nutrients and vitamins. causing the need to receive vitamin supplements

How good is supplementing with individual vitamins?
• The body will receive vitamins that are suitable for the body’s needs. The type and amount of material is correct. by a doctor who specializes in preventive medicine
• Boosting immunity and tailoring it to individual needs.
• Restore performance to the body.
• Add antioxidants.
• Include vitamins that are important for the immune system.
• Convenient, no need to take many tablets

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