Petch and Lanta go on vacation and vacation at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Petch and Lanta go on vacation and go on vacation at Grandma Ja’s house, both Petch Lanta and the children have a lot of fun Drama “Kak Nak Rak Rak” at 21.40 on PPTV channel.

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Channel 3


The superstar of 2007

8:30 p.m The superstar of 2007 After the party is over a relationship of Ryu with Cat it started developing in a good way It’s finally time for the drama to air. Bangkok hotel Everyone was very excited about the first broadcast. Because perhaps fate will be the trend of the series.


Good life

23.00 Good life Mick Borough take to meet Chester Winit Another beauty creator best makeup artist from Thailand who has been with the Thai entertainment industry for a long time Today he is back again with great makeup techniques that are brought to the fans.

Channel One 31


one bride

19.00 one bride Marvin with butterfly pea It was decided to register the marriage legally in order to prevent Fahsai from playing with Marwin again



8:30 p.m rainbow Mr. Lupine sign to land that the story of the couple’s past is about to be done Phongsatorn in danger

MONO Channel 29


a secret organization

18.00 A secret organization to kill the tigerthe James Bond receives secret messages from a secret mission from the past that led him to Mexico and Rome. where he met a young widow Lucia Squierra He also reveals the secrets of an evil organization called Spectre And there was only one person who would help him hunt down this evil organization. Madeleine Swann


The Great War

9:20 p.m The Great War to Destroy the DemonsR When the number of werewolves lycans increased and a new leader was found. Marius Strong, smart, and hoping to shut down the vampire family. With a special half-blood, the vampire army must ask for a powerful queen. Celine A vampire warrior whose powers have been unlocked. Ready to close the bloody war that has been around for a long time.


Series, Doctor Fah Prathan, Year 3

11:05 p.m Series: Doctor Fah Prathan, Year 3 (Episode 8)) Finally, there is effort Doctor Callie to increase the relationship between her and Doctor Sean It became more frustrating than either of them had expected. but still better than his counterpart Doctor Audrey a Doctor Menendress Because they have relationship problems while working. and try to differentiate between work life and personal life

PPTV Channel
9:40 p.m hood of love diamond with Lanta Take a vacation to vacation at home. Grandma Grandma Petch, Lanta and the children had a lot of fun and Petch asked Lanta to marry him.

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