Petch Chuber 6 ignores the discredit trend. Aims to inject 3 needles as an urgent policy. ‘Pita’ is aggressive, turning the area into orange.

‘Phet’ caught the number 6, announced that he aimed to raise the third needle as an urgent policy to save the lives of people in Lak Si, not afraid of the current attack on the credit discrimination. to be orange as intended Joining the Candidate team, the governor of Bangkok, work to lift the Royal Thai Air Force

at 10:00 a.m. on January 6 at the Lak Si district office Mr. Khunphol Thiensuwan Candidates for Members of Parliament for Bangkok Metropolitan Region 9 Laksi-Chatuchak (Sena Nikhom Sub-District Chankasem and Lat Yao Province), the Kao Klai Party (Kor Kor) gave an interview after running for election and caught the number 6 that in fact he wanted the number 3, but was the last person to catch the number 6, which is considered an auspicious number as well As for the urgent policy that I would like to do is The spread of omikron Which is expected to spread to cover Thailand this year. In the area of ​​Lak Si – Chatuchak There are many elderly people and has moderate population congestion Therefore, I want people in this area to receive a booster shot. And if anyone hasn’t received two injections, they must find a way to complete the injection. so that there are no severe symptoms and can take care of themselves to a certain extent

When asked if he was concerned about the current political attacks, Mr. Khun Khunpol said that it was normal for politics. that uses attack methods and releases fake news But we are confident in the position and policies of the SEC. To be able to drive this country in a better direction on January 30, he wants people in Lak Si and Chatuchak (Sena Nikhom District) Chankasem and Lat Yao) Come out to exercise their rights and elect representatives who answer the questions to drive local policies to achieve sustainable solutions.

side Mr. Pita Limcharoenrat The party leader gave an interview about his confidence in sending Mr. Krunapol. Election to repair that we are confident Because we work hard both in Laksi-Chatuchak District, Chumphon Province, District 1 and Songkhla Province, District 6, which we have the intention to change the election area to be orange.

When asked what areas in Bangkok It is the egg yolk area that must be penetrated. and the Bangkok Governor’s Stadium (Bangkok Governor) because in Bangkok, there are three levels of overlapping powers: 50 members of the Bangkok Council (Sor. Kor.) members, 30 Bangkok MPs and the governor. Bangkok. In order to make Bangkok. Convertible, all turbocharged must work together. He asked for confidence in the candidates of the House of Representatives. The NCPO candidates and the Bangkok Governor’s candidates for the NCPO, who will be inaugurated on January 23, will help Mr. Khun Khunpol make space to campaign in advance of the governor’s election. Bangkok because the area of ​​Lak Si – Chatuchak It is a moderately densely populated area with a population of 4,500 people per square kilometer. With 22% of the elderly population, it is a vulnerable area during the Omicron outbreak. Therefore, we intend to make this area the main area of ​​the four models.

When asked about it, it was noted that Election to repair MPs in Bangkok Lak Si District is also a reflection of the use of votes to assess the election of the Bangkok governor, Mr. Phitha said that he thought it could be assessed and could not be assessed. If stated frankly, Brother Laksi – Chatuchak not like the brothers in Nong Chok or brothers in Sathorn with different densities and space characteristics academician or political guru may be inferred that Lak Si – Chatuchak district election field Many things can be assessed. He thought that we had to eat one bite at a time and eat a cup of tea, with the intention of turning the Laksi-Chatuchak area around. to be as orange as we want it to be Then the success will be used to fix it for the brothers and sisters in Bangkok. There is an overlap of 3 power bases, causing political parties to fight each other like this. At the same time it became the suffering of the people of Bangkok. that need change

Mr. Phitha said that he believed that Mr. Khun Phon will be a change Brothers in Laksi-Chatuchak District long awaited and able to check the annual budget preparation because he graduated from the Faculty of Economics Kasetsart University, in Bangkok, receives a budget of 80 billion baht per year, while the Laksi-Chatuchak area receives a budget of 298 million baht per year, which is a huge amount of money from people’s taxes. He therefore thinks that the stakes are too high for this arena to fall asleep on the right. Therefore, they should come out and exercise their rights to the fullest. and show that this year is a moment of hope of change and two crossroads will stay the same Or going forward is what the people will have to decide on January 30th, so they want to come out and exercise their rights a lot. It’s time to go old and new.

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