“Petch-Mild” with a couple wearing Thai dresses, beautiful-handsome, like a pre-wedding photoshoot made many people misunderstand

The wedding waits for “Petch Thakrit” to hold his girlfriend’s arm, “Mind Tarika”, wearing a beautiful-handsome Thai dress, like a pre-wedding photoshoot. Made many people misunderstand. The parade is very happy. Even “Nun Ramida” is still fascinated by the comments.

is another entertainer couple who have planted love trees together in a simple, not flashy way, but for more than 3 years for a young actor “Petchtakrit Tawanpong” and girl “Mind Tarika” that in addition to both of them will awaken the love tree together also jointly invest Work on building a future by building a farm together as well.

This draw is not bogey! “Hai Arpaporn” hits the big prize 5 tickets, receives hundreds of thousands of money

Surprised, Baifern announces good news, Seiya is ready to be a bride.

“Plum Chetawut” has slapped his feet and filed a complaint. After being hit by a good hand, the shop collapsed!

And most recently (January 20, 2022), both of them have had many moments. People get their hearts fluttering, thinking that far “Petch-Mind” That must be having good news for sure. after seeing “Petch Thakrit” Post a picture of a sweet couple. “Mind Tarika” while they were both wearing Thai costumes as handsome as the golden leaves. personal instagram along with the hashtag #Baan Boon Unrak instead of the caption

which after the young man has revealed the aforementioned post, the girl “Nun Ramida” has come to comment that “You are welcome” Made this work, the young man had to hurry to clarify that “mother!!! Wrong job, mom…!!” As for the MCs and famous actresses like “Bum Panadda” came in to comment saying “I read the comments. Tiger congratulates me already hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha to which Young Petch replied that “mother!!! Wait a minute.”

And in addition, there are also acquaintances of the couple who commented that “Dear, when is the good news?” make this work girl “Mind Tarika” has responded quickly that “Spin the money first, Mom.” While many fans People who mistakenly thought it was a pre-wedding photo of the couple flocked to congratulate them. And some of them came to tease the cuteness and sweetness degree that even making merit is like taking a pre-wedding photo of this couple with enthusiasm.

Thank you Instagram : phet_thakrit , mindtarika

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