Petch U-Thong, Kwanmuang district, good square will win Patakthep, Pak Bang, sell rice

Prakaipetch (Monpichit Dansen Jewelry) School Suksa Songkroh Phatthalung (Win TKO Phonwimut Kor. Saengchan, round 3 at Rondon) Boxing rhythm kick punch Stabbing knees, wrestling violently, but stopped missing for many years, will lose to Luffy (Jackie Gym) Tong Phatthalung (win TKO, Rengnarong Si Opal, round 3 at the Royal Thai Navy) kickboxing Severe knee-elbow punch, 118 years of regular punching

Petchpupha Ekpu Jean (Winning points by point Petsuriya Singjaturat at Rodon) Boxing rhythm kick, punch, punch to the knee Elbow wrestling violently, but strong as a secondary, will lose to Sato Petchphacharakadami (lost points Petchniphon Sak Chorbor. At Omnoi), a strong boxer, kicks, punches, stabs knees. Wrestling, hitting violently, having more intense exertion than the last 118 years.

Nueng Phichit (Kiatchuthai) Petchphacharakademi (lost to TKO Pairotnoi Srisuryanyothin round 4 at Omnoi) old boxer, skillful rhythm, kicking, punching, kneeling, elbowing, wrestling, violent, smart, more skillful than the game will win Nuea Phet Sitlomnow (lost to TKO, Saen Ek, Young Bang Kradi, round 3 at Rondon) Martial fighter kicks, punches, punches, knees, elbows, wrestling violently, but the rhythm is inferior, slower than the fight type, born 126 years

Petch-U-Thong, A. Kwanmuang (Winning points, Prapsuek (Opal) J.SP. Gym at Rondon) Boxing rhythm, skillful kicking, punching, punching, kneeling, kicking, accurate, violent, smart, IQ, superior, will win Patakthep (Jennarong Sub-district Thaksin) Pakbangkhao (Winning points Petchmachon Jitmuangnon at Phayao) Strong boxer, kicks, punches, stabs, stabs, stabs, hits the knees, wrestles violently, has a strong fight, but the square is inferior to 140 years.

Bua Loi, Phuket (wins points, Sornsuek Kiatpraison in Phuket), kicks, punches, punches, stabs, knees, wrestles, violently hits, but is strong, will be inferior to Jaratchai Prof. Atthachai (win points from Petchpayak S. Tumanil at Phatthalung) Strong boxing Kicking, punching, stabbing, stabbing knees, wrestling, hitting violently with more intensity than the last 116 years.

Kajonsak Siopal (wins TKO, Ratchasak Kiatmoo 5, round 3, at the water level) Boxing stroke, kicks, punches, stabs knees Elbow wrestling violent and smart will win Yodchana Petch Ennie Muay Thai (wining points by Songchart Siopal at Omnoi) Boxer beats, kicks, punches, stabs, stabs the knee. Intense, intense, all the time, kind of fun 112 years.

Samurai Si Opal (lost points to Samingdaeng Wor. Chakwuth at Rondon) Strong boxing, kicking, punching, stabbing, kneeling, wrestling, violently beaten, always having to win Petchkantang Yaichai Seafood (lost to TKO Samurai, Opal) L, round 4 at Omnoi) kick-to-fist boxing Knee stabbed, hit violently, but sarcastic as a kind of fun again 126 years

Petchnongsang S.Thanang (wins by points Thailand S. Julsen in Chiang Mai) boxing beat Knee punches, elbow wrestling, violent hits, physical condition is better, will win Thanaphet Sor Boonyongyos (wins by point Kongpayak Petchchinda in Pattaya) boxing beats, kicks, punches, punches knees Severe elbow but stopped disappearing for 125 years.

Super Welterweight Muay Thai Championship of the empty Rajadamnern Stadium, Saenphon Petchrotkademi (wining points by Talaythong Sor Thanaphet at Omnoi) Boxer, strong, kicking, punching, stabbing, stabbing, stabbing, hitting the knees. The superiority of boxing will win Danian Sinbee Muay Thai (win TKO Dominic Phonchimplee round 2 at the Royal Thai Navy), a Swiss boxer. Kick, punch, punch, elbow, heavy, fresh form. but prolonging the knee in the last 154 years

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