Petchdet defending Rajadamnern Stadium Champion Pae Yim, pair Aeksuek Petchyindee

Weighing and looking at the body in the Petchyindee fight On Thursday, September 29, the pair defend the Rajadamnern Stadium champion between Petchdej Wor Sangpraphai and Pae Yim Sor Boonrit, 112 pounds, at the Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium, starting at 18:00 on True Channel 24. fresh fresh

Thai boxing “Pet Yindee” Regular meeting on Thursday 29 September 2022 arranged by Boat champion Nattadej Wachirarattanawong Organized under COVID-19 control measures The main pair is a meeting between Petchdej Wor. Sangprapai (red) meet Paeyim S.Boonkrit (blue) in the coordinates of 112 lbs

weighing results

Match 1. Coordinates 106 lbs
???? Kraisirapob Well Boxing Gym, weighing 108lbs, dropped 2.0
???? Khun Phayak Daeng, a good car, weighs 106 pounds, according to the coordinates

The second pair is 118 pounds.
???? Phet Tha Ruea Chorchariya weighs 118 pounds according to the coordinates.
???? Silver throne, Aj Yutchai, weighing 119 pounds, reducing 1.0

Match 3. The coordinates are 134 pounds.
???? Den Phuthai Kiat Moo 9 weighs 134.7 pounds, losing 0.7
???? Wandee Kaset Industrial Estate weighs 134 pounds according to the coordinates.

Match 4. The coordinates are 112 pounds.
???? Petchdet Wor. Sangprapai weighs 112.1 pounds, a decrease of 0.1
???? Pae Yim Sor Boonritt, coordinates 112, weighs 112.7 pounds, loses 0.7

Match 5. The coordinates are 112 pounds.
???? Siwarat Por Lakboon weighed 112.4 pounds, down 0.4
???? Thai art, Sit Phanomthong, weighs 113.2 pounds, loses 1.2

The 6th pair is 137 pounds.
???? Thong Ek, Petchthong, weighing 136.4 pounds, missing 0.6
???? Nong Bee, Bboy Boxing Gym, weighs 138.2 pounds, down 1.2

Match 7. Coordinates 120 lbs
???? Phetchnara Kob Wat Ududu, Phuket, weighs 120.4 pounds, a decrease of 0.4.
???? Phetch Buncha Hongthong Muay Thai, weighing 121 pounds, reducing 1.0

Match 8. The coordinates are 134 pounds.
???? Prime Minister Chatchanin Podkabinburi weighed 134.9 pounds, down 0.9
???? Andy Petchyindee Academy weighs 134 pounds according to the coordinates.



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