“Petchja” opens her heart after ending her marriage, admits “nuclear” is the cutest woman, is a good mother.

Nine Entertainment, Nov. 30 – “Phetjaa” accepts “nuclear” is the cutest woman. Clearly declares that I am “single” and ready to open for people to talk to, but not binding.

“DJ Petchja” opened her heart for the first time in front of the media. After deciding to end his life with his ex-wife “Nuclear Hansa”, the person revealed that his life is now only the words that “Nong Taika’s parents” are still in the same house, but soon “Nuclear” will move to the same house as you. parents already

As for the reason for the breakup, “Petchja” revealed that the real cause cannot be explained because there are many factors In the past, it was already discussed that the current state of affairs is considered the best. As for his feelings towards his ex-wife “nuclear”, Petchja sees that “Nuclear is the cutest woman. and a good mother.”

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