Petchsaensaeb has always been strong, he will win against Decho Por Borirak Sanuk.

Pepsi, Suzy, Wonton Noodles (Won TKO, Suea Football, UEFA Boom Dexian, Round 4 in Nonthaburi) strong boxing, kicking, punching, punching, punching knees, elbows, wrestling, hitting hard, getting more strength than winning Jumong K. Kampanat (wins KO Yodsan Sor. Ratchaphum, round 2 in Nonthaburi) boxing rhythm, kick, punch, punch, knee, elbow, wrestling violently but satirically as the last 100 against 102 Por.

Phet Si Eyebrow Kor. Kampanat (lost on Pew Phong Kietsongrit points in Nonthaburi) Rhythm boxing, kicking, punching, punching knees, elbows, wrestling, hitting hard, always fighting, physical condition better than winning Petchtae, Sor Toi Pad Riw. (Chadaphet Subpreeda points win in Chonburi) Boxing rhythm, kick, punch, fist, elbow strong, but stop disappearing for a long time, physical condition is inferior to 134 per 136 pounds.

Mapfueng Kiatsongrit (win points, Sing Wiset Phuket, Sing Muay Thai in Nonthaburi), boxing, rhythm, kick, punch, punch, knee, elbow, strong hit, fresh form, always full of motivation, will win Zhang Hui (Komkrit Kiatburin) Nui 93 (Win TKO Rakdindaeng Sakrungruang, round 3 in Nonthaburi) strong boxing, kicking, punching, knee punching. Wrestling hits hard, has all the fun, 115 for every 116 pounds.

Rojatsuek (Kor Kampanat) Kiatnawee (points lost to Ploywittaya Chor. Wimonsit in Nonthaburi) boxing, torture, kick, punch, punch knees, elbows, wrestling hard Pak Yok 77 (Points won by Petchmanee Por Lakboon in Ratchaburi) Rhythm boxing skills , kick, punch, punch the knee.
Fighting strong, clever, round, kind of fun, turns back and forth again, 139 Por.

Nueng Phu Sing, Reverend Techno Grandfather Suang Rhythm Boxing, Kick, Punch, Thrust, Knee, Elbow, Wrestling Strong, Clever, Compact Than Win Petch Sommai (Sityanaykanong) October One Nine Muay Thai is fighting, kicking, punching, punching , knees, elbows, thrusts all the time, but the rhythm is tight and fun again (the last form Nueng Phu Sing wins Petchsommai scores in Ratn.) 123 Por.

Koh Tao Petchsomnuek (lost by score to Amnatdej Sitnayakot in Bangkapi) strong boxing kick punch punch knee punch elbow wrestling strong hit, always has the strength to win Jom Savage (bom Por Burapha) young traveler (win by TK Oh Kao Phayak (Tongkla Suea) Kao Muay Thai) Taxi meter, round 3 in Rainn.) Cambodian fighter, hard fight, kick, punch, punch, knee, elbow, intense, always strong, but the inside knee is second best, 116 p.

Kheaw Pharanchai (Won Petchpailin, Sor. Tong Prachin, Color TV 7) Skilled Rhythm Boxing Kick Punch Punch Knee Elbow Wrestling Strong, intelligent, fighting spirit, physically strong, young than will win Chakdao Petkiat. Petch (lost on Petchsommai Sor Sommai points in Omnoi), old boxing, strong, kicking, punching, punching knees, elbows, wrestling hard, experienced, but the condition is not good at the end of 120 years.

Petchsansab Sor.Jor.Tongprachin (winning by TKO Kaomongkol Petchyindee Academy, round 4 in Nakhon Si Thammarat) strong kickboxing and punching Punching knees, elbows, wrestling violently, getting strength all the time to win Decho Por Borirak (and lost by Prime Minister Boonchana E Thasala in Ratn.) Fight boxing, kicking, punching, hitting knees, elbows, wrestling fiercely, having all the strength of fun, 125 years.

Kiatphet Battle JKN. 18, broadcast live at 6:15 pm

Thitikorn Suamthankhiri (Won Yodsiam, Phatthreeya, Siam Sport, Bangkapi) strong kick boxing and punching Knee punching, wrestling with strong hits, always strong, but the rhythm is secondary to lose to Tubtim Daeng Sor Pongamorn (winner TKO Nobita Kaennorasing Muay Thai, round 2 in Rainn). Violent punching of the knee and elbow, fresh form, with a chance to win 104 years.

Sirichok S. Pongamorn (lost by points, Jom Savage, Patreeya Siam Sport at Ratn.) Strong boxing, kicking, punching, knee punching. Elbow wrestling hits hard, always has a lot of strength to win Suea Kim (Den Nong Khai, Captain Yuat Suep Udomsuk), K. Rungthanakiat (lost by TKO, Dek Doi TN Muay Thai, the last round in Ronn ) the fist pierced the knee, struggling violently, but satirically, there was a fall in 120 years.

Jom Savage (Pahreeya Sport Siam) Sor Sacrifice (Win Sirichok Sor Pongamorn in Ratn.) Rhythm Boxing Kick skillful punch punch knee elbow wrestling physical condition fierce fierce, young, tighter, fresher. He will win the black sword, PTT Thongtawee (lost by TKO Petsangwan Sor, Saman Dress, round 3 in Samui), boxing, kicking and hard punching. Punching knees, elbows, violent wrestling, fighting spirit always has strength, but the physical condition is second to the last 123 pounds.

Ronnachai Tambon Raminthra (Won Point View Phetkosol at Ratn.) Skilled Rhythm Boxing Kick Punch Punch Knee Knee Wrestling Elbow Wrestling Severe, smart, square, better than ready to revenge, will win Saming Dam Chor. Ajon Boon (lost Tom Yum Kung S Sor. Pakorn Pon Surin in Chiang Rai) boxing, kicking, punching, punching, stabbing knees, elbows, wrestling fiercely, having all the fun, turning back and forth again, 130 lbs.

Chai Eistedd Ajarn Bee

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