“Petchyindee” chose 8 best boxers to compete for millions

Petchyindee continues to blow up the boxing round. “Petchyindee to create the future of Thailand”, winning prizes totaling 1 million baht, chose 8 quality boxing boxes popular with boxing fans. All matches are shot live on True4U 24, opening the head of the first match on 20 September at the Rangsit International Boxing Stadium, Pathum Thani Province.

At 16.00 on September 20, 2022 at Rangsit International Boxing Stadium, Pathum Thani Province Suranan Vejjajiva Mr Deputy Leader of the Future Party of Thailand together with “Sia Boat” Nattadej Wachirarattanawong promoter, organizerSanan Muang Muay Thai Fight Press release Muay Robphet is proud to create the future of Thailand. By selecting 8 quality fighters popular with boxing fans, divided into 2 lines, which include Line A, Praew Praw, Muaydet 789, Wow Wor. Wangprom, Kaen Ubon, Lakboon, Singphet Dejsingtai, Line B, Charoensuk, Boonlanna Muay Thai, Petchmalai Petcharoenwit, Four Win University Rattana Bundit, Dokmai Sor. Tong Prachin, 114 lbs

In terms of boxing prize money, this round totals 1 million baht, with the champion receiving 500,000 baht in cash, the runner-up receiving 2.5 hundred thousand baht, 3rd place receive 1.5 hundred thousand baht and 4th place receives 1 hundred thousand baht. , starts the first game on Tuesday 20 July. This year, it will be broadcast live on True4U24 from 6-8pm It takes 6 months to compete.

“Xia Boat” Petchyindee fight promoter He said that the purpose of organizing the Petch boxing round is ready to create the future of Thailand. to earn money for boxers Especially in recent years, the boxing industry has suffered greatly. Almost all boxers have a hard time. So Petchyindee organizes a competition every year, as well as this year to give a cash prize of up to 5 hundred thousand baht to the winner. With 2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place “The 8 boxers who took part in the competition believed that boxing fans throughout the country would know each other well. Everyone is having fun fighting in front of Thailand. I believe there must be many boxers to advance to the top of Muay Ek in the future,” said Sia Boat.

For the competition schedule, it is expected that it will take about 4-5 months to find the 1st place, the 2nd place in lines A and B, on to the semi-final and the final. Asking boxing fans to follow and cheer.

On the side of Mr Suranan Vejjajiva, deputy head of the Future Party of Thailand Having mentioned the main purpose of participating in the boxing round, Petch is proud to create the future of Thailand. this time that Had a chance to talk to Xiao Nao and Xiao Boat. about the development of Muay Thai the government should be part of pushing it from a young age As Muay Thai is a sport that is the national art of Thailand, but in schools there is no teaching Muay Thai, I would like to see schools in Thailand teach Muay Thai like learning Taekwondo. They also want to take better care of the boxers, which is very sympathetic to the boxers because the boxers are fighting with their hearts, but the prize money is not worth it.

“To be honest, there are a lot of bad champions because there are no caretakers and no careers. Some people have to be employed to do different things. Is it a bodyguard? If it’s a matter of health, it’s even worse. Because some people punch and have a degenerative effect on him. There should be a welfare fund,” said the deputy leader of the Future Thailand Party.

In addition, Mr. Suranan also revealed that When we had a chance to talk about it, we talked about it. In fact, I didn’t even come to organize a boxing event, but Petchyindee liked the name of the party. Therefore “Creating the future of Thailand” is requested to be classified as a round boxing title. and he would like to learn more about boxing and how boxing is so he had the opportunity to become chairman of the councilor When he came in, he understood even more. Understand that most boxers must say it is a path out of poverty. By using force to develop skills, various boxing camps try to support. But sometimes there aren’t enough resources in boxing camps. So I think the government should have a part to help in this matter of the boxing camp. a boxer as well as a promoter

I also especially want to see a Muay Thai stadium in Thailand. in Bangkok There is a world class Muay Thai arena. I mean, if there is a Thai boxing championship, then come here and see it as a Las Vegas-level arena that can be broadcast around the world. Therefore, organizing this round of boxing would like to be an inspiration to children and young people, wanting them to come and be part of supporting boxing, even parents who watch boxing are important. Because the audience is the person who supports the boxing camp, the boxer Every kind of support is an inspiration. He would like to be an inspiration to the two boxers who fight in Thailand and abroad.



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