Pete murder: Police say statement that Aneesh was stabbed was mistaken for a thief

Pettah, First Published Dec 30, 2021, 2:46 PM IST

Thiruvananthapuram: The police said that the statement given by the accused Simon Lalan in the murder of Aneesh George was false. Simon Lalan told the police yesterday that he stabbed Aneesh mistakenly as a thief. However, police said that Simon knew Aneesh well and that Simon had stabbed Aneesh despite his wife and children telling him not to hurt him. The police came to this conclusion after taking statements from Simon Lalan, his wife and children.

According to police, Aneesh had gone to the house to see his girlfriend before. Simon Lalan also knew this information. Simon, who was trying to break into his daughter’s room, was told by his wife and children that Aneesh was in the room and should not be harmed. Still, Simon stepped out of the room and stabbed Aneesh. Aneesh was stabbed in the chest and back. According to police, Aneesh entered the house with the knowledge and permission of Simon’s children.

Simon told police he woke up to a noise in his daughter’s room and saw Aneesh opening the door thinking he was a thief and later stabbing Aneesh during an argument. Lalan then went to the police station where he was stabbed and demanded that someone be stabbed and taken to hospital. Aneesh George died before being rushed to the Police Medical College Hospital.

Aneesh, a second year BCom student, and Simon Lala’s daughter are acquaintances, police said. Both families go to the same church. They live on both sides of the Pettah railway line. Aneesh lives 800 meters from Lalanda’s house. When they informed the police in the morning, they came to know that Aneesh was not at home.

Lalan, who was an expatriate, returned home a year and a half ago. Simon, his wife, and their two children lived on the top floor of Eden, a house on the Pettah tea line. Neighbors said they heard a loud bang from the house in the morning. Police evacuated Simon’s wife and children shortly after the incident. Although Lalan admitted that he had committed the murder, the police did not fully believe the statement of the accused. The truth finally comes out through detailed statements.

Aneesh’s relatives have complained that Lalanda’s statement is inconsistent. The statement that he was attacked thinking he was a thief is not credible. According to Aneesh’s relatives, Aneesh is a regular visitor to the house to resolve disputes between the girl’s father and mother.

Aneesh’s parents allege that he called his son and killed him. He left home in the middle of the night when his son got a call saying there was a problem at home. According to Aneesh’s family, the killer may have been Lalan’s daughter or wife.

The son has a tendency to stay at home after school. Aneesh has been friends with this girl for a long time. The girl’s father was angry with Mono. The girl’s father, Lalan Simon, was a troublemaker at home. The girl and her mother have come home and told this information many times. It was Aneesha who often went there and solved problems. The day before she died, her son, daughter and mother went to Lulu Mall. Simon strictly forbade his wife and children to leave the house. Aneesh’s parents said they suspect Simon may have caused trouble at home after learning that he had gone out with Aneesh.

Aneesh, a second-year BCom student at Bethany College, is set to celebrate his 20th birthday next month on the 17th. A special team led by the CIA was formed to investigate the murder.

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