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“Pete Thongchua” swept two national racing championships in a row

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is another actor who loves racing for the young hero “Pete Thongjua” The latest young Pete is second to none. Sweeping national racing awards Racing Car Thailand, pick-up model, one-make race, up to 2 awards in a row within one week Today I had the opportunity to meet young Pete while filming the drama. “Bow Bun” On the Channel 8 television station, let’s hear from the person’s mouth how they would feel. In addition, the comeback to film this drama still doesn’t take up the tuning of the character.

Come back to the snare of snare drums again after a long break?

This is probably almost seven months. For a very long time, if in terms of actors, we have to take care of ourselves well, otherwise it will take a long time. It may not be continuous (laughs). We have to take very good care of ourselves when we return to work. The story of Ban Bai Boon is a period story with quite difficult in the chapters, it has to start back to the mood. The feelings of the characters are reunited. which we dare to say that it is not so easy such as connecting a new character It’s been left for a long time Must return to the character. stick again The first day to take pictures Many techs are the same. which is usually a single take or two takes no more than this

Who said this was a serious drama?
It’s called a super-drama. I dare to tell the fans. It’s not easy because we have to keep the mood to convey emotions for the audience to get into the story every episode. It means a lot. I can tell you that. very concentrated If it’s not okay, director Pa Bum It will not pass for sure. As I said, I just came back to shoot. I played many takes. if the mood is not have to play again Now, the snare of Baibun drama is probably too much. 70 percent already It’s really fun because each of them is top-notch, Joy Oh, P’Kwang.

Recently just won a racing award again?

Actually, our main occupation is already a race car driver. We have been doing it for probably 24 years. It’s a straight line for me. There is a belief that everyone is created with a different agenda. I am also a professional racer, it is destined to be like this. At first it was a passion but later it was a career. We don’t do it for fun anymore. We have to keep our record as high as possible every year. It will result in having more supporters. We can go to race abroad, Europe, the latest award that has been the champion of Racing Car Thailand, Pickup One Make Race, this award is the third award of the year. I won the championship for two days. It was quite difficult one day, a dry race, a rainy day. I’m glad to be able to win the championship. Both awards

Is the performance still up to standard?

Actually bought time. We were going to send Rotor’s son instead. Now she is about 13 years old, about 13 and a half. Even though I have to submit a form to request a race driver application form RAT (Royal Automobile Association of Thailand) under the royal patronage) But now we are close to handing over the wood to the younger brother.

Is the story of the daughter growing up to be a beautiful woman?

Fortunately, the children think they can take care of themselves. We take care of them closely, they are not children who lack warmth in thinking. Or will have a rather difficult problem, but everything has to be, no matter how good, everyone has to learn to experience life. We’re not worried about him. Big Brother Seiya Recently, she was just 17 years old and took the GED exam. She is now in the 1st year of Silpakorn University, dealing with art. and graphics As for Miya, she is also studying for GED. And he’s doing portfolios or works. He’s sending them to a university that is a fashion designer. If not England, then France. When studying art, they must look at the port. that we are interested, have skills, are preparing for work and are doing new songs The new song is now complete.

Are we ready to support all the fun?

at home will focus Because we are not academics, each family will have different roles. Our house will be better at activities. and then work in the real area gradually adapt to learning Wherever we go, we go together as a family. But it’s not all that worrying, but at least our kids have to worry about it. Most of them are always talking about new friends. Because new friends are not bad, but we have to learn a lot. It doesn’t mean. Men, but that means everyone who comes in as a friend, we have to look at what is appropriate and what children should learn is. if let the child It seems like it’s not the best because he still has little experience in life, we have to let him learn and teach as well. Most of the time, we and our children talk about everything. We tell them that we are adults. It doesn’t mean that adults are better, but we have more experience. If we don’t do anything right, we’ll get scolded. Like assuming that if we smoke, we will be warned that it is not good for health.

Submit a portfolio?

Soon, the drama “Bow Bai Boon” on Channel 8 is about to finish filming. and within the next year Fans of the drama will definitely be able to see it. Plus all actors Whether it’s P’ Tong, P Kwang, Joy Oh, Khet, and everyone else, they’re all very satisfied with this drama. with a strong story Concealed with thoughts of morality, morality of people who may have a lot or fall down, it will make fans enjoy and have fun together As for fans who are looking for a heavy water drama. In addition, there are actors who are all very talented and have Joy who came back to play again in 9 years as a dumb woman. You should not miss it. I would like to leave and give encouragement to us as well.

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