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April 18, 2022 – 09:38

The charismatic young singer-actress Peter Corp Dyrendal, as a special guest on the Club Friday Show produced by CHANGE2018, has opened up all the stories of life in the story of life. That before becoming the Peter that everyone knows today, the path was not strewn with rose petals. Ready to open up for the first time during the disappearance and revealing the state of the heart that is now starting to turn pink again

There was a time when we heard the news that An announcement was made to find out where Peter had disappeared. What happened that day?

Peter : It has many things. It’s a family problem. Today I would like to not talk about the details. I said it a long time ago But it’s not my approach, but I can tell you in a nutshell. Actually, it’s a problem, but I feel like it’s something that when it’s together, it’s bad. There’s something wrong. quarrel often enough And then quarreled, I felt that I was actually a person who did not like to fight. But when it comes to a certain point, like someone who has been hijacked for a long time, in the end, different people rise. I try to step back a little later, when it’s evening we can talk later? I use the method that I will go out first. Let’s go ride a motorcycle outside like this. Because riding a motorcycle is something that requires focus on driving, it will not think about anything else. When we don’t think about our quarrel like this, it will calm down and then go back and talk again like this. But I feel that it’s not good. I haven’t relieved the situation and it will get more and more frequent for many reasons. Which in the end I felt that I had to take a step back and that it really wasn’t that I was suddenly gone. but i think is It has to be done. Many people think that Peter has left the child, but I think this is probably a way of keeping the child out of his senses. Don’t listen, don’t feel anything that children shouldn’t be aware of. At first I still had hope that I would come out for a while and then go back and talk again and it would get better, but in the end it wasn’t like that. So in the end, we split up, so it’s a long split.

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Which he said this time, it was a serious news for his image as Peter. Seeing that now the comments are so huge that at that time, social media was not this big.

Peter: yesMany comments, 2-3 thousand comments. which doesn’t feel good But I’m not the type of person who will come out and score points in the end, what happened in the house, it was a family affair, I always thought this way. And the most important thing is to go out and talk and explain excuses, I feel like it’s just going to spread the news. Soon, the news will mutate and there will be a new issue, and everyone will interpret it themselves.

In conclusion, is there anyone to talk to? ??

Peter : There was one person who had just started talking but not very long. But it was long enough to know that he was very cute.

Do many things in the past affect this person? For example, he probably saw the news of being Peter. Everyone knows how it was in the past. which has both true and some untrue news Or does he believe that we haven’t had a chance to explain it before?

Peter : I think everyone knows Well, at first I was wondering what it all started with eh .. Why is this person interesting and he probably feels the same way and when we talk to each other, they get along well. At one point I was asked how I knew my history. I asked him if he was suspicious or something like what was what. because he didn’t ask us anything Which he said no, he said that he would magic everything from what is now. What was he feeling right now? But I talked and explained something.

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I see that if even some people around us don’t understand what Peter is, we can go ahead and explain it.

Peter : Actually, if assuming that this one is cute, but if someday there is something serious for sure around him with close friends. Being a member of the family with his instinct to protect this person must definitely have questions. I said that if anyone has any questions or concerns, just let me know. I’ll go and explain for myself what actually happened and why it’s like this. because I have nothing to hide, nothing to hide

In the past love, what lessons have we applied to future love?

Peter : The lessons in each stage of life or in every situation are different and sometimes we hurt, sometimes we fear and sometimes we are wrong. But the lessons we’ve been through are not just going to pass, but we keep them in mind and make improvements. Therefore, the story of love as we grow older, our lives will be more stable. Our personality will become calmer. So it’s not in a hurry. Yes, cause and effect, let’s take a look. Do they really get along with each other because the word eh !! Just now, it’s like we promised our instincts when we eh!! Suddenly, why is it like this? It’s not just about the affair, but maybe in the matter of personality that they didn’t get along with in the first place, but also that Popy loves us and he tried to make him see that we were the best. And we agree to overlook many points here. But as soon as he entered, he had to say that the real us and he really appeared at that time, we might not be able to get along with him.

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