Petition against ‘Churuli’; High Court directs DGP to file report

The High Court has joined the DGP in the petition against the film ‘Churuli’. The High Court directed the DGP to report any legal issues arising out of the screening of the film. A lawyer from Kolazhi, Thrissur, had approached the high court seeking that the film be removed from the OTD. The petitioner had alleged that cinema was an art form that influenced people and that scroll dialogues tarnished the image of women and children.

Justice n. Nagesh is considering the petition. Earlier, the High Court had observed that the language used in the film ‘Churuli’ was abusive. The court’s reference was made after examining the footage of the film.

Earlier, the court had issued notices to the Central Censor Board, Sony managing director and director Lijo Jose Pellissery, actors Joju George and Jafar Idukki. However, the Censor Board had earlier informed the court that the censored version of the film was not on display in the ODT and that the Censor Board had no authority to interfere in the OTD release.




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