Petrol bomb thrown at shop: police investigation started : Nattu Visesham

A petrol bomb is thrown in the shop: a police investigation has begun

Saturday, September 24, 2022 12:27 AM IST

Coimbatore: Petrol at BJP executive Mohan’s shop on 100ft road The bombing incident is controversial.
Mohan Makan Mahendran, BJP President, Coyanpatthur Ratnapuri Mandal After reaching the shop, it is known that a petrol bomb was thrown at the shop. Welding accessories shop on 100 feet road, Koyanpatthur that As soon as Mahendran came to the shop and saw this, he informed the police
Based on this, the police arrived at the scene and threw a petrol bomb and an investigation is underway.

The BJP leader, Mohan, who spoke about the incident, has already been bombed twice and now this is the third time. He also said that he threw it.
In the last two blasts, there was a loss of Rs. Yes. The last two times there was no appropriate action.
So, this time the police should take appropriate action.

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