Petrol prices today, 4 October 2022, update all types of oil prices. How many baht per litre?

On October 4, 2022, reporters reported the latest updates on gasoline, gasohol and diesel prices from Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Limited website, PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited website, Shell Company of Thailand Co, Ltd and Esso Thailand website with prices as follows:

“Bangchak” petrol price

Gasohol 95S EVO is 34.65 baht per liter.

Gasohol 91S EV is 34.38 baht/litre.

Gasohol E20S EVO is 33.54 baht/litre.

Gasohol E85S EVO is 31.94 baht/litre.

Hi-Diesel B20S is 34.94 baht/litre.

Hi Diesel S is 34.94 baht/litre.

Hi Diesel S B7 is 34.94 baht/litre.

Hi Premium Diesel S B7 is 43.66 baht/litre.

“PTT” petrol price

Super Power Diesel B7 is 43.66 baht per litre.

Super Power Gasohol 95 is 40.14 baht / liter.

Diesel S B7 is 34.94 baht / liter.

Diesel is 34.94 baht/litre.

B20 diesel is 34.94 baht/litre.

Gasoline is 42.06 baht / liter.

Gasohol 95 is 34.65 baht / liter.

Gasohol 91 is 34.38 baht / liter.

Gasohol E20 is 33.54 baht/litre.

Gasohol E85 is 31.94 baht / liter.

“Shell” petrol pump prices

The safe gasohol of E20 shell fuel is 33.64 baht/litre.

Gasohol safe shell fuel 91 for 34.48 baht/litre

Gasohol safe shell fuel 95 for 34.75 baht/litre

Shell V-Power Gasohol 95 for 42.24 baht / liter

Shell Diesel B20 for 35.84 baht/litre

Safe shell fuel diesel at 35.84 baht/litre

Safe B7 shell fuel diesel for 35.84 baht/litre

Shell V-Power diesel at 35.84 baht / liter

Shell V-Power B7 diesel for 45.56 baht / liter

“Esso” petrol price

Gasohol Extra E20 is at 33.54 baht/litre.

Extra Gasohol 91 is 34.38 baht/litre.

Super Gasohol 95 is 34.65 baht / liter.

Diesel is 34.94 baht/litre.

B7 diesel is 34.94 baht/litre.

Supreme Plus Gasohol 95 is 42.14 baht / liter.

Supreme Plus Diesel B7 is 45.56 baht / liter.

However, the prices above are the average prices which do not include local maintenance tax. which may be different in each area.

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