PGA Tour players talk about LIV series and competition, ‘Why do you do that?’

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PGA Tour players, talking about the LIV series and competition, ‘Why do you do that?’

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Dong-chan Kim = Professional Golf Tour of America (PGA) players reacted bitterly to the possibility of holding a match against the LIV Golf Invitational Series, which is at an angle to the PGA Tour.

Golf Channel, an American golf media, reported on the 21st that “American players participating in the Presidents Cup did not show much interest in the possibility of a third competition.”

The Presidents Cup is a United States and International men’s golf competition, held in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA on the 22nd.

Separately, the men’s golf competition between the United States and Europe will be held in the Ryder Cup.

Therefore, the ‘third match’ can be a match between the PGA Tour and the LIV series.

The LIV Series, sponsored by the capital of Saudi Arabia, is a league established this year that has taken out key players from the PGA Tour with huge prize money.

The PGA Tour prohibits players who have transferred to the LIV series from participating in tournaments.

Players who transferred to the LIV series will not feature in this year’s President’s Cup, which starts on the 22nd.

When asked about the possibility of a match against the LIV series, Justin Thomas, who represented the United States in the President’s Cup, said, “There is no reason to do that.

In this year’s international team, major players such as Cameron Smith (Australia), Joaquin Nieman (Chile), Louis Usthizen (South Africa), and Abraham Anser (Mexico) were unable to participate in the Presidents’ Cup as they moved to the LIV series .

Billy Horschel (USA) also responded negatively, saying, “It’s fine to play against the LIV series, but I don’t know what the PGA Tour can get out of it.”

“If we win, of course, we win what we win, and we only lose when we lose,” said Horschel.


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