‘Phan Thai Coffee’ asked for number 3, pointing out that Thai people prefer to order coffee to drink at home. Confident that this year’s income will grow by 120%

‘Phan Thai Coffee’ is asking for number 3 – expanding 1,500 branches by the year 66 noting that Thai people like to order coffee to drink at home. Confident that this year’s income will grow by 120%

Mr. Pitak Ratchakitprakarn, Chief Executive Officer and President, PTG Energy Public Company Limited or PTG Revealing an overview of the coffee shop business in Thailand, from the economic slowdown in the last 2 years (2020-2021) due to the impact of the Covid-19 situation This made the outdoor coffee market grow a little. with changing coffee drinking behavior More people work from home Worried about living outside the home? But on the other hand, with the above factors, the supply business has been growing from strength to strength causing all players to change their strategy to meet the needs of consumers In which Pan Thai coffee has adapted its strategy to expand branches outside out to gas stations. Expand the service area for customers to have easy access to Pun Thai coffee shop and focus on marketing through supply channels to meet customer lifestyles during the period of customers affected by the Covid-19 situation in the past

“During the first 2 months of the 3rd quarter of 2022, the company managed to generate an income of more than 230 along with the first half of 2022, the company managed to generate an income from the coffee business of more than 480 million baht or am. 8 months (January – August) 2022) generates more than 710 million baht in revenue and is expected to grow 120% in 2022. The company is confident and aims to be the No. 3 coffee shop brand in Thailand by 2023 and expect to rise to 2nd position within three to four years thereafter,” said Mr Pitak.

of the results of the company’s operation growing by leaps and bounds This was a result of the four strategic adjustments as follows: 1. Expanding branches inside and outside gas stations. to increase the service area to be covered And to be able to support a variety of customers and easily reach more customers of Pun Thai coffee. In the future, Pun Thai coffee will focus on expanding branches by selling franchises. with a variety of investment models to suit every location AND investment budget Currently, Pan Thai coffee shop has more than 500 branches, with the proportion of branches in gas stations 70%, branches outside gas stations another 30% By 2023, the company aims to expand its branches to reach 1,500 branches Nationwide by opening new franchises with an initial investment of only 1.25 million baht/branch so that every Thai person can easily own a Pun Thai coffee shop

2. Launch new products that stand out and are unique to competitors. by highlighting Thai ingredients with good taste and hard to find to make a drink The two flower sugar coconuts from Amphawa Samut Songkhram, sugar palm from Sathing Phra area, Songkhla province, papaya from Chanthaburi, and the latest product, ” Thai Deesert”, a drinkable Thai dessert. using raw materials Lod Chong from Chiang Mai and Foi Thong from Ayutthaya In addition to creating the attraction of Thai products, the company also focuses and intends to support communities and farmers to add value to products, create jobs, create jobs for communities and farmers achieving “well-being” and sustainable growth.

3. Brand marketing and communication strategy through supply channels by focusing on customer ease of access increasing brand awareness and greater brand visibility As a result, in 2021, sales through distribution channels have increased 4 times.

4. Bring customer information from Max Card and Max Card Plus membership cards, which currently have more than 17 million members across the country. Become a tool to analyze customer behavior, increase sales, and increase the frequency of using the service in the Pan Thai coffee shop to increase.

side Miss Boonyanuch Boon Bamrungsap Thai Coffee branding consultant Having said that we will renew the new brand in the second half of this year through the vision of the brand which is like a “northern star” when making the brand of Thai coffee. It’s a brand of coffee. “New Thai people” who have the courage to think, dare to do new things, including using various creative ideas. we strongly believe that the courage to think includes living outside the box can help create good things and new perspectives to happen to our country for sure Finally, our mission is to open and create opportunities for people who want to show their potential as a new Thai person with Pun Thai coffee brand.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Thai coffee has invested more than 20 million baht to send the “Time is Tai” campaign, a campaign that will have the hearts of “workers” in various professions have had the opportunity to come into contact with campaigns such as supporting’ the time to be free for office workers Invite you to relax with a coffee during Thai time. which has received cooperation from 3 partners, namely AP Thailand, SEAC and Shopee Food, to join the campaign to give free time to all workers.

ready to raise troops “Pan Thai Caravan” delivers quality drinks from Pun Thai coffee shop to thank partner companies and award prizes during free time to all employees Including opening the freedom to create a career for Thai people to be own their own Pun Thai coffee shop business. Along with sending a promotion to celebrate the 10th anniversary during the “time is tai” of the 19th. September onwards You can order drinks from Pan Thai Kaew’s 2nd coffee shop for only 10 baht (conditions are according to the company) with many special promotions.

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