Phayak Dulai Nap, a giant, collects 3 points at home, Thai League battle 2, game 16

Phayak Du Lai Nap, a big giant in the house, 3 Tung, collects three points in the battle of Thai League 2, game 16

First time in 7 rounds! “Pyak” took down “Yak Saad” in the house, beat 3 Tung, collected three points at home on December 4, 2022. Chiang Mai FC competed in the Thai Football League 2, the 16th game of the 2022-23 season, met with Udon Thani FC in the stadium, national sports university Udon Thani Campus by Chiang Mai FC changed players from the last game, 3 positions from Suchanon Malison, Weljko Filipovich and Pongrawich Chantawong returned to start the first 11 people. Trick Gustafsson, Suwit Paipromraj and Im Changkyun are on the reserve list.

The game opened as Chiang Mai FC, who had possession of the ball and only the 10th minute of the first attempt, drilled Chiang Mai FC up the right, Phongrawit Chantawong, placed across the second post, Suchanon Malisorn , pasting the ball ricochet, Balo.Ki, son arrives, Kim Bo Yong turns around and hits close. Don’t miss sending Chiang Mai FC to attack to lead 0-1

The defenders then tried to attack the game. But the last moment is still too lacking until the game has passed half an hour. Chiang Mai FC moves the game in the middle of the field and along the line, Nath 43, Chiang Mai FC gets a corner kick on the side right The local defensive line came to Sarawut, Kerdsri, the garden fell out of the frame at the second post before Chiang Mai FC took Udon Thani FC 0-1 at the end of the first half.

Half back Udon Move more offensive games. In the 50th minute, Ong Kong fell to the right before turning to the middle, but Fahas Biling loaded the ball to change the way in time. Then, in the 69th minute, Chiang Mai FC got an orange drop when Korakot Pipatnadda, Mr Udon Dan received the ball back after missing Kim Bo Yong, ran to grab the ball and turned around and didn’t miss it. he scored his second own goal in this game, sending Chiang Mai FC to escape 0-2

Udon tries to set up an offensive game. But the 77th minute Chiang Mai CPD wall, Chiang Mai FC’s counter-attack, Kim Bo Yong led by a soft chair to Chatchai Nanthawichianrit did not penetrate. Turn back and hit. Don’t miss out. He scored a goal against his former team Close the box for Chiang Mai FC to win Udon Thani FC 0-3 and it is a victory over “Yaksad”, the first game in 7 games. As for the next game, Chiang Mai FC will go into the battle of the Thai League 2, game 17 , which was the last game of the first leg. with the opening of the Chiang Mai Municipal Stadium Visit Samut Prakan City on Sunday, December 11, ’22 at 6:30 pm, where football fans can watch the highlights of the game. and news about the organization “Pyak Lanna” has all the official social media of Chiang Mai FC.

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