Phe Chart Party announces ‘sex creators – sex toys’ policy must be legal Emphasize that all professions are equal

On March 22, reporters reported that Miss Pawitrat Tiyapairat or ‘Hai’, the leader of the National Party Post a message via Facebook. about the policy for service workers learning about sex and providing sexual pleasure Sex Worker – Sex Creator – National Party Sex Toy

Pawitrat Ms declare that he and the National Party Believing that all occupations have equal value, a sex worker a sex creator is a type of sex work that requires equal protection and welfare rights in all dimensions. There are laws to protect physical health and mental. get social security There are labor laws for security.
And most importantly, dignity is valued on the same level as other professions. according to human rights

The policy guidelines are as follows:

1. Making a career as a sex worker not to be illegal.
Protecting workers in the service sector Repeal outdated laws

2. Reform sex education outside of school Reduce stigma, prejudice, discrimination and violence caused by sex.

3. It’s time for sex creators and sex toys to be legal.

Pawitrat Ms It also states that the policy Ms Ploynaphat Zhouvanich deputy leader of the party Announced on February 10, the past. on the issue of sexually transmitted disease prevention devices that must consider diversity and reform the sex-related product law that Pheu Chart Party supports safe and loving relationships. Therefore, there is a policy to prevent sexually transmitted diseases that takes into account the diversity and will of sexpushing for amendments to sex-related goods laws to remove them from the category of obscene goods

Currently, the government only provides one form of protection against sexually transmitted diseases to the public. in a condom But Plaid Squrs Pheu believes that the world is full of diversity. It is a right to privacy that should be respected. The Pheu Conversation Party gives importance to this issue as part of Preventive Medicine or preventive medicine. And he will push for STD prevention devices with diversity in mind. For example, there is a share of finger condoms, dental dams, female condoms. Increased more than the current one. for the benefit of Thai people of all genders

In addition, another important issue is Amendment of the Sexual Goods Acts must be removed from the category of obscene goods such as adult toys (sex toys) for all genders These devices are always hidden under the rug with legal provisions. criminal and customs But we cannot stop the diverse needs of Thai people as products. In the past, Thai people had to buy these products from the black market. or according to websites that cannot guarantee quality and safety become an adverse effect on the health and safety of Thai people We will press for legislation to legalize these products. so that the government can manage the safety and promote the welfare of all Thai people

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