Pheu Thai area with photos #Tawan Bam, Ayutthaya, the old city

Page column 3: Pheu Thai area with photos of #Tawanbam, Ayutthaya, the old city

attendanceBam asun in front of the Thai Pheu Party speech stage Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya is important.

is equal toproofcontinuePheu Thai

because on the name plate that bothBamasun Taken together, it is considered an insightful survey of political opinion.

relationship questionpolitics witheconomy

If the idea was never published then having to put issues in the waypoliticstake first because the villagers are having trouble on the roadeconomy

arrival of #Maybe not Tawanbampoint

When asked in the campaign area of ​​the Thai Party Pheu So, it is equivalent to asking for n.S.Paethongthan Shinawatra

affectheart boxohPheu Thai

I’m glad that n.S.Paethongthan Shinawatra managerisk Politically, this time has been great.

different from General.A.Prayut Chan-o-cha

You may remember it fresh from the area where there is an appearance General.A.Prayut Chan-o-cha in Amphoe Ban Pong Ratchaburi Province

onlyaunt movesarrested and gagged.carry

But the situation that arose from Pheu’s Thai Party speech in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya was clearly beautiful and tidy.

is controlled by n.S.Paethongthan Shinawatra

Not only does it allow free movement If even suddenly invited to the stage to give a speech

This is a manifestation of attachment, connection.

looking through age layers looking through experiences and life in education and politics

Aung Ing live likecontemporary

If you look at the picture of the Pheu Thai Party, which is linked to the Rak Thai Thai Party by the People’s Power Party, you may see some pictures

pictureold picturecustom

But when it comes to the age of n.S.Paethongthan Shinawatra distance to generations #Tawanbam does not exist much.

tone ofperiodthe difference iscommon point

To understand today’s Thai Pheu Party, it is necessary to look through the shadowspresent not a shadowpast

The past may want to take over, control, but it’s not easy.

be on stage n.S.Pae Thongtan Shinawatra is the present tense #Tawanbam is present

dear young They are the rising sun, radiating light.

This world is yours, at the same time, in this same world, their shadows occupy more and more space.

area ofan ideaarea ofpolitics


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