Pheu Thai Leaders Confident in Prime Minister’s Vote, Unfazed by Chuvit’s Revelations

Pheu Thai Leaders Confirm Sufficient Support for Prime Minister’s Vote

Deputy Leader of Pheu Thai Party assures voters regarding “Chuvit” and “Srettha” revelations

Pheu Thai leaders have confirmed that they have received ample support for the Prime Minister’s vote, without fretting over the potential disclosures made by “Chuvit” and “Srettha”. As for Thaksin’s return to Thailand, the family’s stance is yet to be clarified.

In an exclusive interview, Mr. Phumtham Wechchaichai, Deputy Leader of Pheu Thai Party, addressed the cancellation of the press conference scheduled for 3:00 pm to announce the establishment of the Pheu Thai government. He affirmed that they presently possess sufficient votes to form the government but emphasized the need for more time to garner collaboration from all parties involved.

Phumtham stated that he is currently collecting votes from the original coalition party as well as various political parties from different ends of the spectrum. Furthermore, due to the existing constitutional crisis, an additional senator is required to achieve the minimum threshold of 375 votes. Stability is crucial for the formation of a capable government that can effectively manage all aspects of governance.

Responding to concerns about the Thai Pheu Party’s harmony with the Kao Klai Party, Phumtham assured that the independence of each party is respected during negotiations. Whether the Kao Klai Party would vote for the Thai Pheu Party remains uncertain. However, stimulating a new dimension of politics aimed at benefiting the people is an objective shared by both parties. Collaboration and support for addressing the country’s problems, even within the bounds of the memorandum of understanding, are welcomed except where there is disagreement, such as with Section 112 of the Drug Code.

Phumtham emphasized that individuals have the privilege to vote according to their own choice. He acknowledged that miscommunication might have led to the perception that the Thai Pheu Party negotiated to amend Section 112. Reiterating their position, he clarified that they have consistently opposed any amendment to this section and highlighted the necessity of a transparent decision-making process within the council. Phumtham affirmed the authenticity of his statements and credited Chaitawat, Sirikanya, and Phichan for corroborating his claims.

Regarding the potential impact of Chuwit’s revelations regarding Settha on the nomination of the Prime Minister and the delayed return of Thaksin Shinawatra, Phumtham stressed that responsibility lies with the concerned individuals and their families. The clarity sought for both matters will come from the family’s official statement.

Pheu Thai leaders confirm that they have received enough support for the Prime Minister’s vote, without worrying about “Chuvit” revealing “Srettha”, as for Thaksin returning to Thailand. Let’s wait for clarity from the family.

Today (August 3), Mr. Phumtham Wechchaichai, Deputy Leader of the Plaid Thai Pheu Press interview After the announcement of the cancellation of the press conference on the establishment of the Plaid Thai Pheu government at 3:00 pm So the Plaid Thai Pheu postponed the press conference on forming the government as well, confirming that it now has enough votes to organize the government. But on the move I have more time to work. Seek cooperation from all parties, the more the better.

Mr Phumtham said he was now collecting votes from the original coalition party. and a number of political parties from other poles And there must be another senator because today we are under the current constitutional crisis. which states that there must be more than 375 votes, so the MPs want to be as stable as possible because it will create a stable government AND it can effectively manage all directions of work more clearly.

Mr Phumtham mentioned the news that the Thai Pheu Party was not harmonizing the voice of the Kao Klai Party which was not a problem. At the meeting of the negotiating committee When withdrawing from the MOU, each party is considered to be independent. As for Kao Klai Party, will he vote for Thai Pheu Party or not? It is considered unique. Now we have to create a new political dimension. where we can work together in politics for the benefit of the people Anything useful to support is welcome. If the constitution unlocks the country’s problems, it must support them together because it helps the country. including other laws located in the MOU We already support Except for Section 112 of the Drug Code, we disagree.

“If you vote for us, thank you, but if you don’t vote, then it’s every person’s privilege. All that has been said means this. Don’t say you are fat, say, like this, this is the fact, I can confirm, the two Khun Chaitawat, Khun Sirikanya, Khun Phichan, all three of them can confirm what I can say.

As for coming out and saying that the Thai Pheu Party had never negotiated for the party to step back on 112, Mr Phumtham said it was likely to be a miscommunication. Because we have already said that we do not want amendment 112, we have always made it clear that we do not agree. As for how to solve it, it must be a process in the council. If it is to be carried out, it is every person’s privilege. In the past, after negotiations with the old political parties, we were told what the conditions were. willing to help find an answer how to do so it must be made clear I confirm all that is said.

“If I can move on The country must reconcile Listen to every idea from every political party, every group that already has an elected representative. is the best choice If it is a government that comes from diversity it will be accepted It depends on which party joins in terms of how. Or how the society sees it will be the answer,” said Mr. Fifth.

For the story that Mr. Chuwit out to highlight Mr. Settha Will it affect whether or not you are nominated as Prime Minister? As for delaying Thaksin Shinawatra’s return home, Mr Phumtham said you were responsible. and family Who have to wait for clarity from the family

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