Pheu Thai opens 9 candidates from Bangkok. Really accepting flirting with ‘Aom Sakawjai’ waiting for the person to decide.

On November 22, at the Pheu Thai Party (PhD) Chonnan Srikaew, MD MP Nan, leader of the Pheu Thai Party Prasert Chanruangthong Nakhon Ratchasima MP party secretary and Director of Election Operations Center for Members of the House of Representatives, PAD Party Mrs. Puangpetch Chunlae Chairman of the Bangkok District Political Coordinating Committee, Thai Pheu Party Sermsak Pongpanich Mr North East Area Management Group Pheu Thai Party MPs Election Operations Centre Warawut Yancharoen Bangkok District Management Group Pheu Thai Party MPs Election Operations Centre Miss Teerarat Samrejwanit MP for Bangkok and Spokesperson for Plaid Thai Pheu Join the launch press conference Those wishing to apply for election as Plaid Thai Pheu MPs

Dr Chon Nan said that Thai Pheu Party is pleased to launch 9 people who wish to apply for MPs in Bangkok, when combined with the previous launch, a total of 24 people for the Bangkok area, all went through the recruitment and selection process by zone of Bangkok director and Bangkok District Coordinating Committee before joining the central committee of the district receiving party BMA has many people who show their intention. Those who have been chosen today have been carefully considered in every aspect as knowledgeable and capable. He has a good understanding of the problems and needs of the people in the area. Under the main strategies are

1. Party policy which is the main mechanism and selling point of the party The policies of the party are those that come from the brothers and sisters of the people. which are widely included Responding to the problems of all groups of people Some policies have been made and we will continue to do so. which will continue with the introduction of technology and innovation and candidates who will push for policies in the field 2. candidates for MPs who will bring the party’s policies to communicate with the people 3. Candidates for Prime Minister of Plaid Thai Pheu namely a person who has knowledge and ability to drive the policy to be true He is a person who is liked by the people the people. Leading up to the goal for Thailand is sliding the whole country.

“I believe this election will be a strategic election. And believe that the people have confidence in the Thai Pheu Party, not divided,” said Dr Chon Nan.


Prasert who said that Mr. In order to build confidence in the work of the people of the area, Plaid Thai Pheu recommends 9 additional candidates for the election of MPs for Bangkok as follows: 1. Aranyakanon Jirawat Mr Thawi Watthana District, Nong Khaem 2. Miss Leelawadee Watcharobol Ratchathewi, Dusit 3. Penphisut Jintasopon Ms Yannawa District, Bang Kho Laem 4. Thitiwat Adisornphankul Bang Phlat District, Bangkok Noi 5. Yankit Houngsap Dr Chatuchak 6. Kittipol Ruayfupant Mr Rat Burana District, Thung Khru 7. Nanut Hongchuwet Mr Lat Phrao, Wang Thonglang 8. Pitchapas Ms Amat Waranon Bang Khun Thian District 9. Nawathan Thawatwongdechakol Mr Khlong Toei, Wattana

Mrs Puangpetch said After Thai Pheu Party won the election, 20 MPs in Bangkok had managed to win the election so far they work within Bangkok with a determination Being able to push continuously for policies that have been campaigned’ n successful I believe so Who can campaign? But the party that can actually campaign is Plaid Thai Pheu. Have people choose Pheu Thai to land slides in each area. There are still people who wish to apply for election as MPs in Bangkok who are in the process of being selected. There is still a period of time according to the conditions set by the Electoral Commission.

Mrs said Puangpetch, in the case of the news that the party contacted Ms. Sakawbai (Om) Poonsawat to be a candidate for the MPs election in Bangkok, she admitted that she actually went because: Ms. Sakaojai is knowledgeable, competent and very familiar with Thai Pheu Party members. It also adheres to democratic principles. It is the same way as Plaid Thai Pheu. which is to begin Ms. Sakawbai in the process of making a decision. Haven’t accepted or rejected yet. the party respects all his decisions

“I hope that in Bangkok, people will trust the party’s candidates the most. in order to serve the people in Bangkok and the people of the country This is up to the people’s decision,” said Mrs Puangpetch.

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