Pheu Thai urges the government to speed up the process of fixing the World Cup broadcast by blocking IPTV, suggesting urgent clarity

‘Pheu Thai’ urges the government to speed up the repair of the World Cup broadcast by blocking IPTV, hoping to take advantage of capitalists or not? Advise to create clarity urgently

5 Dec. 2022 Pheu Thai Party media team reported to the media that Chanin Rungthanakiat Pheu Thai Party deputy spokesperson said that in the case of the 2022 World Cup broadcast, broadcast signals are blocked in the IPTV system (IPTV) or watching over the Internet. in order to be able to see only one private box, the government must urgently come out and answer the public’s questions Why let the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) enter into a broadcasting contract in a way that monopolizes broadcasting through a system IPTV for one private person? Violates the terms of the agreement made when requesting support in the amount of 600 million baht from the Broadcasting Commission. television business and the National Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) made it clear that SAT must proceed to broadcast through channels that The NBTC oversees all channels. This should include broadcasting via IPTV.

Chanin said that the SAT had given the exclusive right to broadcast the World Cup broadcast on the private IPTV channel. It’s like swallowing my own saliva for referring to the intention of equality while watching the World Cup. Until we look at the benefits that people should receive and it was called by society If the NBTC uses this reason to stop support that can be done through an agreement Where will the government find money to participate in the cost this instead? There is hope that misfortune will fall on the people of Thailand. People’s taxes must be encroached upon to spend irrationally instead Strengthen the extravagant government that can spend without seeing the truth in the lives of the people’s brothers and sisters

“The work of Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-o-cha’s government has been questioned many times regarding the facilitation of large capital groups. If this broadcast of the World Cup hopes to create beautiful images Watch the World Cup for free as a gift to citizens during the election season But in the end, the pontoon was broken. but the picture is broken It is inevitable that the behavior is very supportive until the Thai people are aware of it all,” said Chanin.

Online Manager said that Super Broadband Network Co., Ltd. (SBN), provider of AIS PLAYBOX, has asked the Intellectual Property Court to lift the ban on broadcasting the 2022 World Cup through an IPTV network. Referring to the NBTC Must Carry rule, dated December 2. There is a report from the property court. to such cases the court rejected SBN’s application and upheld its original order prohibiting SBN, the operator of AIS PLAYBOX, from broadcasting the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final held in Qatar on its IPTV network to avoid the impact that could occur from violating the conditions of intellectual property laws In this regard, Thai people can still watch all World Cup finals through digital TV as usual.

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