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Phichayut-Saratchana, Polkit-Thitikan TGA-Singha Youth Swing Championship, field 2

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Phichayut-Saratchana, Polkit-Thitikan TGA-Singha Youth Swing Championship, field 2

Phichayut Simaree and Saranchana Rattanasin score fun Before finishing with a score under the field, receiving the championship of Class S, male and female in the youth golf battle, collecting points from the Golf Association “TGA-Singha Junior Golf Ranking 2021-2022” Central Class S-A-B Course 2 at Kabinburi Sports Club, Par 72, Prachinburi Province on the evening of June 27, 2021, while the class A Ying Thitikarn Thanapasit hit the best of the tournament after three days, 10 under par 206, took the championship of this model.

The Golf Association of Thailand by Mr. Rangsarit Laksitanon, President of the Association, together with Singha Corporation Company Limited and the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) organize youth golf tournaments to collect points throughout the country. Of the Golf Association, the program “TGA-Singha Junior Golf Ranking 2021-2022” is organized in 7 regions across the country, including the upper north, the lower north, the central region, the eastern region, the northeastern region, the southern region and the central region.

Divided into 7 classes, male and female according to the age range as follows: Class S (19 years and over), Class A (15-18 years), Class B (13-14 years), Class C (11-12 years), Class D (9-10 years), E class (7-8 years), Class F (up to 6 years) under the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by golfers who have been ranked according to the Association. the Determined to be eligible to participate in the competition To select as representatives of the Thai national youth team to participate in many international competitions, such as Junior World in the United States, Singha Thailand Junior World at Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, etc.

Recently held a central competition, class S-A-B, field 2, between 25-27 June 2021 at Kabin Buri Sports Club, Prachinburi Province, par 72, men’s distance 7,117 yards and women’s distance 6,213 yards, highlight classes at Class S Male “Phum” Phichayut Simaree, a young man from Delaware University, USA, finished this round by hitting 4 more under par 68, scoring a total of 8 under par 208, slashing Nattaphon Udomrat, who ranked 2nd to 2 Stroke while Pratthakorn Suyasri, who hit a total of 5 under par 211, came in 3rd place.

In the women’s category, “Aum” Saranchana Rattanasin swings the Thai national team project, collecting 2 more under par 70 in the final round, a total score of 8 under par 208, Slash Pattararat Rattanawan, a total score of 6 under par 210, who came into the rankings. 2 to 2 strokes, with Pemika Good Samaritan taking 3rd place from 5 over par 221 results

In the class A, male category, “Sun” Polkrit Phawichai, an athlete in the Thai national team project, collects 1 more under par 71, receives this championship with a total score of 5 under par 211, with Phuthanet Kwong a total score of 1 under par. 215 received 2nd place, while Pongpanata Chinakul took 3rd place with a total of 6 over par 222.

Women’s category “Khao Pan” Thitikarn Thanapasit collected another 3 under par 69 in the final round, totaling 10 under par 206, considered the lowest scorecard in this list. Received this version of the championship, with Saranporn Ketsuwan, a score of 5 under par 211, received 2nd and 3rd place as Pimphisa, certified

As for Class B “Shogun” Chaipat Wongwien won the championship with a total score of 13 over par 229, with Wis Jittathorn totaling 16 over par 232, receiving the 2nd place and Prin Sarasamut received 3rd place, total score 17 over par 233 while In the female category, Prim Prachnakhon has accumulated a lot of points, even if the final round is more than 1, it still won the total score of 3 under par 213, taking the championship comfortably with Kritchanya Kao Pattanasakul, who in the final round came in 3 Under par 69 overtakes the second place with a total score of 6 over par 222, with Wirada Thavilsang taking 3rd from a total score of 11 over par 227.

For the next course of the TGA-Singha Junior Golf Ranking 2021-2022 Course 3 will start at C-F Class during 14-15 August at Narai Hills Golf Resort and Country Course. Tree Club, Lopburi, then will compete in the S-A-B class on 20-22 August 2021 next.

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