Philadelphia Fusion Marketing Specialist Evan Frasca on gaming evolution, the future of fisheries - Interviews Part 2

Philadelphia Fusion Marketing Specialist Evan Frasca on gaming evolution, the future of fisheries - Interviews Part 2

One week after the Pacific Showdown came to an end in Shanghai, the best teams from North America, Europe, and South America gathered in Krefeld, Germany, replaced with an Overwatch competition with a long history, to find out what best team in the West. While the Fusion University built the Atlantic Showdown trophy in dominant performance, there was much to be achieved and learned from the other teams. Here are our bring centers from the Atlantic Showdown.

Don't bet against Fusion University

If there are four seasons of musicians teaching us, you don't have to bet against Fusion University. Never. Even when the game went to map 5, even when they lost their first competitive game in the history against Academy Mayhem, even when they were playing 200 ping, they never failed to win the contest.

As it looked back, it seemed almost stupid that any team could match with Fusion University on a LAN when they were finally released from the ping shackles, as they only fell in one full competition. The European Champions, Angry Titans, were dismissed from the winners' bracket in a 3-0 cross, and Envy managed to paste one map before being added to the lower bracket. And in the finals, Fusion University gave hope to the people who were against each other without the point of taking their attack after a clean defense, and then he only interrupted him through better cover.

If the motto of each team is “Every Fight is Winnable,” Fusion University should be ““ All final fights can be made. Team Thrice Envy was about to take miraculous protection to remove maps from Fusion Uni on Eichenwalde, Gibraltar A and Gibraltar C, and Fusion Uni had tried to win it, each time staring down the barrel and saying, “ Today is not. “It may be that the organization is making Fusion out of heart attacks to its fans, but they meet the fights they need to win, and that's all the difference.

Scrappy Play Is Meta now

Jack Casters "Jaws" Wright and Harry "Legday" Pollitt often spoke about how Envy's motto "All Fighting is Winnable," and, indeed, saw us Vancouver Titans or San Francisco Shock colors in his play with whom so willing they were to invest ceilings even when players are down. The willingness to surprise this rather than give up the better option and retreat with many teams out of guard as it is in the Overwatch League, and ultimately Fusion University and Envy showed that they were all very keen. to wear something in a fight.

This may indicate that more and more teams are starting out when and where fights can be won even when players are down, which makes sure another interesting evolution of the GOATS meta, previously , the first choice would be the first choice.

Now that teams like San Francisco Shock are finding out how to win fights even when the first player is lost, recording a winning rate of 41 percent of the team even after the first player is losing during his "Golden Step," we can expect to see more staff do the same in the future as the play changes.

Please, someone stopped Alarm

Who else should be the hero of the Showdown Atlantic than the unkillable demon king of the UN Contenders, Kyung-bo "Alarm" himself? During the competition, Alarm was very important for early picking and only megoton damage was being done.

Even in the final against Team Envy, he was building and retaining a 10-20 percent advantage steadily in the final care of his colleague William “Crimzo” Hernandez, who has no one in the flex support department himself. Some of it comes with the crazy bar that brings his team to him, but that is just the Jjonak phenomenon: being as good as your team is asking you that tomorrow is not there, allowing you to continue to be along.

Fusion University's total combat plan was even at times around the rate at which Alarm Transcendence could be built, and its amazing production allowing them to fight with Transcendence before Grav was at the enemy of Zarya. This enabled them to kill a person quickly, which would help the enemy to invest in their clearing down already, while adding to the foundations of the Fusion University in the process. It was a strategy that could not be done without the ability of Alarm.

At this point, someone should sign an Alarm to the OWL so it would be fair to the other teams in Musicians. After all, everyone else on the Fusion University roster from the first season of Contenders has already been replaced.

The team of the Over-Watch Series Ellivote and Sharp must sign

Speaking of players who should definitely be signed with the OWL, how about duty D.Va and Zarya from Sweden Team Envy, Elliot "Ellivote" Vaneryd and Hugo "Sappberg"? Both players played a key role in the Team Envy final, and Ellivote noted in particular his ongoing (and sometimes successful) efforts to get support with D.Va, while Andrew caster said "ZP" Rush not seen he never play Sharp as well during his time watching him.

The two players showed that they are not boys on other heroes as well. Sharp cleaned the house as Tracer's Oasis City Center against the Angry Titans, and Ellivote pulled out the Mei option to use it frequently in the North American Competition, creating one of the highlights of the competition in the process.

After their performance in Krefeld, there is no doubt that these two players would greatly contribute to the Eternal Paris, which was struggling to lock player D.Va and Zarya. I would be surprised if these two players do not enter OWL by next year.

Did Envy belong to Trill?

An extremely unused thought experiment would involve Envy being able to make the final closer to his main tank Ashley "Trill" Powell.

Trill, of course, was signed with Dallas Fuel at a very strange time just before the Museum, most likely lead to a buy offer from another OWL team, which meant that Envy went to Ji-winning "Stand1" Here as his position into the competition.

While Envy, looking well in his lower championship against Angry Titans' European Champions and successfully building a map from Fusion University, was very successful, there was a visible disconnection between Stand1 and the rest of the team at times, punished to great at Fusion University.

Take, for example, the final fight in the series. Stand 1 is well placed to kill charges, making it totally vulnerable and isolated from the rest of its staff. We saw Stand1 charge also in numerous times during the league, which protects Envy fights more often than not.

Stand1 is not a bad player tank (as this contest showed), but perhaps if Trill's sudden signature hadn't happened, we would have much more integrated and polished Envy, and perhaps that The Boys in Blue Base are the trophy instead of the black and orange University Fusion.

The EU broke again

Much of the apparent capacity of the European teams to play GOATS, arising primarily from the UK surprise in the US Overwatch World Cup 2018, was made.

Many analysts and coaches believed that the Angry Titans European champions were the ones that would ultimately make Europe's sovereignty, and if they weren't there, British Hurricane got higher. But perhaps no one expected this level of disaster, as Atlanta Academy sent home in fifth place, losing a complex place for Europe in the process, and Angry Titans failed to bring it to the final championship. lower bracket branches were always controlled by Envy.

The Angry Titans met the Atlanta Academy but failed to do it in the final.
(Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment)

And so, instead of establishing Europe as one of the reasons for a blow, North America stole their thumb by reaching four Gauntlet spot (even more than 3 Korea!), And two UN staff are competing in the championship, and adding to the people Overwatch fans have been uncomfortable after Paris Eternal's inaccurate performance in the League Overwatch.

Some people in Twitch chat gave an excuse that the UN had more academic staff and could buy the best European players, as well as the Fusion University being more than a Korean team.

However, regional academic teams do not: see China, had four academic staff and now have three after Guangzhou Academy, and their performance compared to Korea, which has one academic staff. And the buyer argument also does not stand well: Ellivote failed a single Contenders championship to win for three finals with Angry Titans, and Sharp has never played in Europe since the Overwatch League.

Fusion University accepted the criticism that they were a Korean team but moved to Korea and participated in Trials Contenders for Season 2 of Korea's Contenders, where they will favor one of the spots by Germany from the Korean region. . Disturbing Germany, EU fans can expect to hear sides from across the Atlantic.

Basic difference

At the Pacific Showdown, the Aussies were unlucky, because an Order failed to win a single map in the overall competition and took over after two games, losing their only spot at the region in the process. In Krefeld, that was the turn of the South Americans, as Lowkey Esports failed to win one map in the full competition, and also he went out after two single games, and lost the t any location of the region at Garvan.

Lowkey Esports

It may be unfair that some regions receive less invitation, but the underlying problem in Musicians is that some regions are weaker in terms of competition than others. Team Envy has regular scrims with its parent team, the Fuel Dallas. Can Lowkey or Order have similar resources? Until they can, there will always be a difference that cannot be overcome in terms of support and resources for the players.

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