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Philadelphia’s First Adoption of a Resolution to Condemn Ramsay… “Insult the victim”

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Korean Congressman David Oh passed the city council… “Extremely Inaccurate Paper”

David O. Philadelphia City Councilman

[데이비드 오 홈페이지 캡처]

(New York = Yonhap News) Correspondent Kang Gun-taek = Mark Ramsey, a Harvard Law School professor’s resolution condemning the’comfort women thesis’ was first adopted in Philadelphia, USA.

It is not a general content about the comfort women issue, but a resolution aimed directly at Professor Ramsey’s issue of distortion of history, so it is noteworthy how it will affect this situation.

According to the Philadelphia city council on the 5th (local time), a resolution to refute Professor Ramsey’s thesis initiated by Korean city councilman David O (Republican) on the 25th of last month was passed by the parliament the day before.

The resolution refutes Professor Ramsey’s thesis’Pacific War Sex Agreement’, which contradicts historical agreements and historical evidence of thousands of women forced into sexual slavery in the Japanese military. It was defined as “in story”.

The comfort women defined it as a “terrible human trafficking system,” in which women from all over Asia including Korea were forcibly mobilized, and introduced that Japan recognized and apologized for the forced mobilization through the’Kono discourse’ and then entered the Shinzo Abe regime to reverse history. .

'Condemning Ramsey' resolution adopted by Philadelphia City Council
‘Condemning Ramsey’ resolution adopted by Philadelphia City Council

[시의회 홈페이지 캡처]

The resolution said, “Ramsey’s thesis rewrites the rude history of downgrading the serious injustices and hardships inflicted on these women into contractual prostitution.” I conveyed the facts.

In particular, he paid attention to the fact that the US House of Representatives, Canada, the Netherlands, the European Union, and other parliaments have already passed a resolution to support the victims of comfort women and oppose Japan’s historical denial.

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The resolution said, “As victims of wartime atrocities, their experiences should be accurately told, and they should condemn dangerous rewriting of history.” “On behalf of survivors and women around the world, they should continue to oppose dangerous attempts to minimize historical atrocities. And don’t let that happen again,” he urged.

The resolution of the Philadelphia City Council was passed quickly, one month after the controversy broke out when Professor Ramsey’s thesis was first known to the public through Japanese media reports on the 1st of last month.

It is not at the level of the federal or state legislature, but it is not as small as the decision to publicly condemn Professor Ramsey’s dissertation in the sixth largest metropolitan area in the United States by population size.

Rep. Oh, who led the resolution, was a former lawyer and entered the city council in 2011 as the first Asian lawmaker in Philadelphia.

Lee Ju-hyang, chairman of the Northeast Korean Association, said, “Rep. Oh is a politician who has been working hard with a lot of interest in the Korean American community.”

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