Philip Ryu ♥ Mina 17-year-old age difference No stress at all, husband manages it Secret newsroom

‘Secret News Room’ Mina / Photo = Courtesy of IHQ

The sweet married life of a 17-year-old couple, Mina and Ryu Phillip, has been revealed.

In the 21st episode of the channel IHQ’s ‘Secret Newsroom’, which was broadcast on the 15th, the full story of the marriage between Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung, a married couple of 10 years of age, was revealed.

Mina, who participated as a guest on this day, was also highlighted again. In the past, Mina and her husband, Philip Ryu, 17 years old, overcame this difference and shared the news of their devotees, which drew attention from the public.

In response, ‘Secret Newsroom’ released the video by revealing that in 2015, Philip Ryu was enjoying his last date in the Cheonggyecheon stream before enlisting in the military.

In the video, Mina and Philip Ryu were on a date, taking care of each other. Mina surprised everyone by showing off her beauty while she was the strongest when the age difference was not felt.

Mina, who saw the video, said, “Isn’t it really like a college student couple? That video was filmed when I was 45. Do you feel the 17-year age difference?”

Mina also said, “I’m a bit young in mental age, and my husband is mature, so it suits me well.” “People think I’ll be stressed because of the age difference, but it’s not at all. Rather, I apply eye cream every night and give him collagen so that Phillip Ryu doesn’t age. They take good care of it,” he explained.

Kim Hyung-ja, who heard Mina’s age difference for the first time, was surprised and asked LJ, “How old are you now?” He said, “I can’t do that. .

‘Secret News Room’ airs every Saturday at 11 am.

By Jeong Tae-gun, staff reporter for Ten Asia [email protected]

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