Philip Wain Launches “Exclusive Luxury Massage”

Philip Wain, a high-end health and beauty club for women The only one in Asia Pacific launches “Exclusive Luxury Massage”, a new dimension with perfect framing of women’s bodies in every proportion. With a specially designed massage combined with Supreme Oil from Phytomer, a high quality product from France. Concentrated with oil extracted from coral salt. Coastal plant glass vegetable oil, which acts in cell membrane regulation Aquaporin, which controls the process of removing excess water from the cell. so that the skin cells have a balanced excretion of excess water Helps to reduce the accumulation of cellulite (Cellulite) clearly and bring various nutrients. effectively nourishing the cells in the deep layers Together with Apricot Kernel Oil and Organic Oil, weak skin cells are regenerated, firm and smooth. Along with vitamin E, A and fatty acids which are important for skin cells. Instantly restores moisture This helps reduce muscle tension. and relaxation at the level of skin cells

Experience a new dimension in better body care. which comes with deep nutrition of skin cells with quality products To be one of the options to pamper yourself today with “Unique Luxury Massage” at Philip Wain.

  • Philip Ratchaprasong Road Club (Amarin Tower, 19th floor) Tel 0-2252-9858
  • Philip Ven Club Ladprao (Central Plaza Ladprao, Floor 12A) Tel 0-2541-1555

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