Philippine police received heavy criticism. After prosecutors release accused of rape murder of flight attendant

Philippine police received heavy criticism. After prosecutors release accused of rape murder of flight attendant – Thai BBC

Philippines orders the release of police chief in upscale neighborhood in Manila. The base of operations in the new year in the investigation of the death of a young flight attendant shocked the Filipino people.

Miss Christine Dasera, flight attendant and former Miss Philippines Was found dead in a hotel room after attending a New Year’s Eve party. Her case has received a lot of social attention and has been in big news for weeks.

At first, the police in charge of the case rushed to conclude that she had been raped and murdered. Ready to arrest three men suspects, who were later released. It raises questions about the urgency of the police case this time.
Christine Dasera was found dead in her hotel room after attending a New Year’s party.

Order of the dismissal of Makati Police Colonel Harold Depositar Upscale neighborhood in the Manila metropolitan area This is the latest move in the case. It comes after widespread criticism of the police work in the large case of society’s focus.

Many critics have stated that This case reflects non-compliance with valid legal process. This is an issue previously discussed by the Philippine society as a result of the policy implementation. “War on drugs” of President Rodrigo Duterte.

What did the police say in the first place?

Police issued a statement on January 4 that it had “solved” the death of a 23-year-old flight attendant, stating that she had been raped and killed.

The statement at the time said Three men were arrested by the police, and the remaining nine were “scared” with the 12 men who were with the dead on the night of the accident.

Police Colonel Depositar insisted that the police “had sent a rape and murder charge” to the prosecutor. Although the forensic examination of the deceased has not been completed.

How society reacts

In the beginning there was a strong dissatisfaction among Filipinos. The case has been widely spoken of on social media and has been on top of a popular topic for several days.The hashtag #JusticeForChristineDacera, or justice for Christine Dacera, went viral after police issued the statement. But at the same time, there are many people who blame the dead who attended parties with many men.

Police General Debold Sinas, Philippine National Police Commissioner Declare all 9 “young” men to surrender within 72 hours or we will hunt you down with force if necessary. “

Manny Pacquiao

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Manny Pacquiao offers a bounty to the whistleblower that will lead to the resolution of the case.

Mr. Manny Pacquiao, a former world-famous champion boxer, turned into politics and currently serves as a Senator. Offer a prize of US $ 10,400 (approximately 312,000 baht) to the whistleblower in connection with the flight attendant’s death.

Pacquiao, who plans to run for president of the Philippines in 2022, said the case was another example of how the death penalty should be reinstated in the Philippines.

Philippine police received heavy criticism.

Miss Dasera previously competed in a beauty pageant in the Philippines.

Why did society question the conclusion of the police case?

The suspicion of the police investigation began after Gregorio de Guzman, one of the three arrested people. It said the 12 suspected men at the birthday party were gay.

Mr. De Guzman said Ms Dasera was loved and admired for them.

“My impression of her Well, she likes to mingle with LGBT people like us, “he said.” She’s comfortable with us. “


Later, the Makati prosecutor’s office said “the evidence submitted by the police was insufficient to indicate Miss Dasera had been sexually abused or raped. As a result, the three men were released during further investigation into the case.

The Makati City Police have also been criticized for not conducting forensic reports. Which is a detailed detection of toxins in the body of the deceased

This case is even more complicated. When two of the first arrested suspects identified they were being hit by the police. “Psychologically tortured” to force them to perjury about party drugs.

But Miss Dasera’s mother insisted that her daughter had been abused. “I think my daughter has been raped”

She said in an interview with Headstart, “If you saw Christine’s body, I would like to see you.” If you are a mother You will feel the pain Christine has to go through. “

Where did the case go?

The autopsy was made by Miss Dasera for the second time. And waiting for the results of the examination Which her family believed The results will show that the deceased was drugged. Before leading to her rape and murder

At the same time, the family has filed a complaint of negligence, gross and ineffective practice to police officers responsible for forensic investigations who submit death reports and death certificates without following procedures and Accurate

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