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Philippines optimizes vaccination plan to deploy 50,000 police and firefighters to ensure safety

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  (Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) The Philippines optimizes its vaccination plan and deploys 50,000 police and firefighters to ensure safety

China News Agency, Manila, May 30 (Reporter Guan Xiangdong) On May 30 local time, Eduardo A?o, Minister of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) of the Philippines, stated that more than 50,000 police officers will be deployed And firefighters to provide support and security for the national vaccination plan.

With the continuous arrival of vaccines in the Philippines, the Philippine government has optimized its epidemic prevention plan. In June, the number of people injecting vaccines was expanded from frontline medical workers, the elderly, patients with underlying diseases, and key government officials to private sector employees working in designated locations outside their residences. ; Employees of central government agencies, including employees of central government-owned and holding companies and local government employees; workers working outdoors, self-employed workers, and domestic workers.

“About 16 million doses of vaccine will arrive in the Philippines in the next two months. Mass vaccination is the only way to end this new coronavirus pandemic, and it will be a big challenge for the government. Our goal is to make as many as possible Chinese people, get vaccinated as soon as possible.” Arnold said: The police and firefighters deployed should be responsible for maintaining the minimum public health standards for vaccination sites, and perform other security tasks in accordance with the requirements of LGUs and the Ministry of Health. Those with medical background will Was assigned to vaccination points across the country to perform medical tasks.

According to the Philippine News Agency, 35,415 national police will provide security during the country’s vaccine transportation, and 13,840 national police will be responsible for ensuring the safety of the country’s vaccinated areas. The Philippine Fire Department (BFP) has 2,390 firefighters in 1,150 designated warehouses or cold storages across the country; 356 emergency medical service stations have been set up at vaccination sites; 733 fire trucks and 59 ambulances have been deployed.

In order to ensure the safety and health of the personnel to be deployed, both PNP and BFP have launched vaccination work internally. As of May 24, 14,082 PNP front-line personnel received the first dose of vaccine and 8416 people received the second dose; 6,298 BFP personnel received the first dose of vaccine, and 2,298 people completed the second dose of vaccination.

The Philippines started nationwide vaccination on March 1. As of May 25, nearly 5 million doses of the Philippine new crown vaccine have been inoculated, and more than 1 million people have been vaccinated with two doses. Among them, the Philippine National Bureau of Prison Administration and Penalty (BJMP) under the jurisdiction of DILG has 8936 people vaccinated with the first dose, and 3750 people have completed the second dose. (Finish)


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