Phitha-Chatchat began the first long journey. The same goal is the people. Breaking through restrictions, pushing for the District Governors Election Act

Phitha-Chatchat rang the bell, took the first step on a long journey. one destination ‘Break restrictions’, push the BMA Act to elect district governors

On June 6, in the Rattanakosin Conference Room, City Hall, Bangkok 1 (Sao Chingcha), reporters reported the atmosphere of meeting the Bangkok executives of the Kao Klai Party (Kor.Kor.), led by Mr. Pita Limcharoenrat, leader. Party candidates and prime minister, together with Bangkok MPs and representatives from the Bangkok Council of Ministers (SorKor.), KK Party met with Mr Chatchart Sitthiphan, the Governor of Bangkok to discuss, discuss and exchange issues and ways of working together at 3:05 pm Atmosphere after the meeting, Mr Phitha took a group photo with the Bangkok administration before giving an interview to the media. about the issues discussed today Mr Chatchart said that the BMA welcomed Phitha and the 32 prospective BMA Members of Parliament, but 29 and the strong Kao Klai team came, including another MP. 3 people attended

“I think that’s a good sign. on Collaboration is key Meeting and discussing from the outset led to mutual understanding. and walk together Regardless of role in the future.” Thank you Phitha for your kind comments. Lots of good stuff There is lots of feedback from people. including seeing the problem having strong technology in the organization enables us to find good solutions for the city believe today This is the first step on a long journey.

“Walking distance, long journey, the same goal Bangkok and Kao Klai Party to benefit the people as much as possible,” said Mr Chatchart.

Mr Phitha said Thank you to the Governor Please advertise to go far, to go far, we must move together. It is something that has always been a step forward. is to work continuously

There are many problems in Bangkok, whether they are old problems that have not been solved for a long time or new problems that are new challenges in the last 2-3 years, if they can be solved seamlessly From the government level, the Prime Minister coming to the House of Representatives, to the Governor of Bangkok, to the Bangkok Council. I think solving the problem Whether it’s a budget constraint, a legal issue, or even a little coordination, it can do to BMA to work more flexibly.”
Mr Phitha said

Today, I received all 21 proposals from the governor that you cannot do on your own. You have to coordinate with us so that we, whether MPs 32 in Bangkok, are good at passing the law. let the governor work For example, solve PM2.5 problems in Bangkok, most of them come from the car journey, if it is less than 4 wheels, the BMA has the authority to decide, but if is more than 4 wheels, it is the authority of other ministries, etc. that work seamlessly (Samless Bangkok) can solve problems in How much can I get in Bangkok,” said Mr. Pitha.

Mr. Phitha forward would like to present point 2, the 45 laws that are moving forward. There are also stakeholders in Bangkok, namely the making of the Bangkok Act. In the election of a district governor presented to the governor for recognition

Issue 3 Establish a transition committee in the work between Bangkok and Kao Klai Party. It is also known as the Bangkok transition team that moves far, introduced Mr Phicharn Chaowapattanawong, Deputy Leader of the Party. Chairman of the Progressive Party Everyone standing here will be a member of the Progressive Party Committee in Bangkok, the Governor. Please let Mr. Torsak Chotmongkol, Chairman Adviser to the Governor, be the chairman to collaborate seamlessly in a concrete way.

“Because today is not the end of the meeting, let’s break up. but he would set matters aside for consideration And be able to have a 2nd and 3rd meeting in a fleshly manner for the benefit and effective transformation of all the brothers and sisters of Bangkok The Governor’s statement and I, as a party that has also moved forward,” said Phitha.


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