Phon Boon Suan Num Grocer Returned from novice ordination, won 1st prize, rich and messy 6 million

The 1st prize in Suphan Buri, a grocer reveals a wish for “Luang Pho Heng” every day to win the 1st prize. This draw is satisfactory. Get ready to make a big splash this year.

Today (April 2), reporters reported that in Suphan Buri Province, a lucky winner of the 1st prize lottery draw on April 1, 2023, number 087907, draw 13, series 25, number of tickets 1, received a prize of 6 million. baht

is Mrs. Sommai, aged 58, has a career as a grocer. Or commonly known as Aunt Mong after the news spread. have had customers And many neighbors come to congratulate each other

Sommai said that Mr After returning from taking part in the novice ordination ceremony in honor of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn at Wat Rom Pho Thong felt full of merit and happiness So he told his son, Mr Saithong, aged 43, to buy 20 lottery tickets.

From Ms. 80-baht lottery stall. Pannee or Jane Nok Iang, who opened a government lottery point of sale, for 80 baht each, in Bangli market, Song Phi Nong municipality. Because it is easy and convenient when paying through wallet apps

The part I won the lottery this time is believed to be the prestige of Phra Kru Phiphat Suwan Sunthorn or Venerable Father Heng, abbot of Wat Rom Pho Thong. Normally, he would pray every day that if he won the lottery of 30 million, he would build a church.

As a rule, he regularly buys lotteries every draw, 5 tickets, 10 tickets before coming to win the 1st prize in the amount of 1 ticket until receiving the big prize mentioned above. I am very happy

The proceeds will be shared to repair the house. debt The rest will be kept for the future. Another part will join as a host to make merit and repair the sermon pavilion at Wat Rom Pho Thong. As for the lucky lucky number I like, the next draw is 75.

On the side of Ms. Anocha, 40, revealed to reporters that In Chenk Iang’s 80-baht lottery booth There are still Bangli market people. The lucky winners won the 4th prize, draw on April 1, 2023, numbers which are number 723169, 13th installment, 21st series and 22nd series, a total of 2 cards

The parts that have stamped the message that “This lottery has been sold for 80 baht” are down to prevent people who buy 80 baht lottery tickets and then resell them. Stamping down like this Requiring the shops in the project to sell only 80 baht to prevent overselling.

But it seems that someone is a wise man who buys lottery tickets. and then bring it to hide it and continue to sell more than the price and if stamped the seal “This lottery has been sold for 80 baht” won a prize. it can be exchanged as before