Phongsathorn Emerges Victorious in Unofficial Results of Rayong District 3 By-Election

Rayong District 3 By-Election Results Await Verification as “Phongsathorn” Emerges as the Lead

Election Commission Deems Results Unofficial

The Election Commission of Thailand has announced that the results of the by-election held in Rayong District 3 are currently unofficial. However, it is worth noting that “Phongsathorn” has emerged as the leading candidate, securing a significant number of votes. The commission will now proceed with the necessary verifications before issuing the official certification of the results. This process is expected to be completed within 60 days.

The Voting Process

On September 10, the election proceeded smoothly in Rayong Province’s Electoral Region 3. The Election Commission of Constituency 3, Rayong Province, diligently compiled the results of the election. Among the eligible 122,582 voters, an impressive 56.52 percent turned up to cast their votes. Out of these, a staggering 96.05 percent, totaling 66,553 votes, were found to be valid, while 899 votes were deemed invalid. Furthermore, 1,832 votes, accounting for 2.64 percent of the total, were cast with no candidate preference.

Determining the Winners

The results indicate that Mr. Phongsathorn Sorphetnarin, representing the Kaew Klai Party, achieved an outstanding 39,296 points, securing the top spot among the candidates. Mr. Banyat Chetanchan, affiliated with the Democrat Party, garnered 26,376 points, standing at a commendable second position. Lastly, Pol. Lt. Rueangchai Sombatphuthorn, from the Labor Building a Nation Party, managed to secure 881 points.

Ensuring Fair and Transparent Elections

To maintain the integrity of the electoral process, the Election Commission will initiate a thorough investigation into the election results of Rayong District 3. This diligent assessment aims to ensure the honesty and fairness of the results. It is crucial that the final outcome of the election be announced promptly, with the deadline for the announcement set at a maximum of 60 days from the day of the election.

The Election Commission announced that the Rayong District 3 by-election results were unofficial. “Phongsathorn” advanced and won. Awaiting verification before issuing certification of results in 60 days. There were 56.52 percent of voters.

Today (September 11) Electoral Commission Office Summary of election results for members of the House of Representatives Electoral Region 3, Rayong Province, to fill the vacancy. unofficial After holding the election yesterday (September 10), the election went smoothly. And the Election Commission of Constituency 3, Rayong Province, has compiled the results. The electoral constituency type of MP has been completed. In the area, 122,582 people were eligible to vote according to the voters list, 69,284 people came to vote, which is 56.52 percent, 66,553 were found to be good cards, accounting for 96.05 percent, and 899 were invalid. Cards, equivalent to 1.29 per cent Cards that choose no candidate: 1,832 cards, equivalent to 2.64 per cent.

The results of the votes received by each election candidate. Arranged in order of those with the highest scores as follows: No. 1 Mr. Phongsathorn Sorphetnarin, Kaew Klai Party, 39,296 points, No. 2 Mr. Banyat Chetanchan, Democrat Party, 26,376 points, and No. 3 Pol. Lt. Rueangchai Sombatphuthorn, Labor Building a Nation Party, 881 points.
For the announcement of MPs election results, Electoral District 3, Rayong Province, the Electoral Commission will conduct a preliminary investigation. Then there is reason to believe that the election results are honest and fair. The election results must be announced quickly. But no later than 60 days from the day of the election.

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