Photo: the mortuary of the late Yeom Dong-heon in the funeral hall of the Seoul Atomic Energy Hospital

The mortuary of actor Yeom Dong-heon, who died after fighting cirrhosis of the liver, was established on the 3rd in Room 2 of the Funeral Hall of the Nuclear Hospital, Nowon-gu, Seoul. Age of death 54 years old.

The deceased was born in Sokcho, Gangwon-do in 1968, and majored in Japanese language and literature at Dongguk University and has been acting since 1994, focusing on the theatrical stage.

He went through minor and supporting roles in the plays ‘Beethoven Virus’ (2008), ‘The Princess’ Man’ (2011), ‘The King 2 Hearts’ (2012), and ‘Pinocchio’ (2014), and most recently in ‘Duke City’ (2021) JTBC appeared in

He met audiences by appearing regularly in the films ‘Haeundae’ (2009), ‘The Yellow Sea’ (2010), ‘Asura’ (2016), ‘Detective Joseon: Secret of the Vampire Demon’ (2018), and ‘The Jury’ (2019). .

The last work filmed by the deceased is called ‘Spring in Seoul’, a new film directed by Kim Sung-soo, which premiered in July.

The funeral is on the 4th at noon, Jangji is Incheon Family Park.

Byun Seong-hyun, reporter [email protected]

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