Photographs of Michigan surfers show across the waves in one word pool


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Daniel Schetter managed to produce the beard, which produced at least fifteen inches when he was focusing on the waves during the last few weeks.

Surfer Marquette, along with Allen Finau counterpart, traveled to Presque Isle Park and Devon Hains was photographed on January 27 and January 30. According to The Weather Channel, there was a high temperature on March 1st on those days and Level 9 under bottom zero and 7 below zero respectively.

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Devon Hains's photos and his post took to his Facebook Facebook page as they received more than 2,500 views and 40,000 shares. By post, the surfers had "wet conditions" for frigid conditions. "

"The Polish votes made for some fun conditions to cope in Lake Superior for my friends, Surfer Dan and Allen Finau," read the post from Devon Hains Photography.

Schetter said to the Free Press in 2016 that he surpasses three times a week and will continue in 15 phases.

When the ice is running strong, many times, there is still water in the lake still open to the wind, and the wind creates waves out there, and they will be there; Roll in the ice and hit the shore, and break the ice free, "he said." Then, the ice shelf will move all out, and the waves will disappear from the ice. "

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