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MeIt is 400 years since the ship was launching the first African slaves to America heading on the Virginia coast, starting on a process that would see millions of people in service.

The state spent the best of ten years for 2019 as a solemn commemoration, with a series of exhibitions and ceremonies aimed at recognizing the past in the past, and looking for a more comprehensive future.

But in the week's sphere it was forced to try all that endeavors in the background, and it seems that the leaders of the Islands would have tried to attempt a black closure in any way.

Ralph Northam, a Governor of New York, succeeded in obtaining things when he admitted to be an annual college book program that showed a man in a dumb near a man in Ku Klux Klan. As Virginia, and soon, the nation, from that re-launch, resumed that Northam refused to be in the image, but said he had previously had a black roots to strike Michael Jackson dance competition

As the ruler took place, Mark Herring, general solicitors of the state, was the third person who was replacing Northam if he had to resign, he acknowledged his own maid with boldness. Herring said he had "dark darkness" while dressing as the rapper Kurtis Blow.

Among these incidents, the spectator was in charge of these events, the referee of the Irish Regulator, Justin Fairfax, acting on a female academic in 2004. And on Friday, the second woman came to prosecute on Fairfax's rape and both were at the University of Dukes in 2000.

As most of the nation looked in horror, the three men refused to resign. The efforts of Northam and Herring have made a great deal to try to be in the context of their black makeup shenanigans. Their age was cited at the same time at the time – Northam was 25, 19 had Herring – and the events happened in the 1980s, as it gave some reasonable explanation. But others who are not 25 years of age have shown, and were not eight years since 1980.

However, the surprise is all outside, and inside the state, many say they are not surprised.

"The most scariest part is for me – and it's been said in the black community for many years – what happened last week is that we know what we know to the surface," said Francesca Leigh -Davis, co-riding the RVA DIRT local political radio show in Richmond, Virginia state capital.

Federation flag next to Jefferson Davis, former state president of the American Federation, covers a Hollywood Graveyard, in Richmond, Virginia.

Federation flag next to Jefferson Davis, former state president of the American Federation, covers a Hollywood Graveyard, in Richmond, Virginia. Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Leigh-Davis and his members organized RVA Dirt, Melissa Vaughn and Jessee Perry, an exhibition outside the Mansion. People who have "Northam have gone" had signs and chances of a news conference inside the controller – where he told reporters about his Michael Jackson 's impression that gave the shoe assistance.

Northam has not been found publicly since. He has been successful with calls from the Democrats, including the black-haired caucus of Virginia and White House candidates, resignation, and employing a crisis communication firm.

As for the outside, Virginia has been moving politically over the past ten years, insofar as some have said that the state, which was against Washington DC, in the northeast, should still be considered as part of "The South ", in the United States civil war jail.

The state chose Douglas Wilder, the first African American to act as a reorganizer in the United States since reform, in 1989. Later, Virginia was voted for Barack Obama in 2008 – the first time the state had been Democratic in the White House in more Over 40 years, and Obama backed back in 2012. In 2016, Donald Trump hit Hillary Clinton at 5% in the state.

But Cornell Brooks, resident of Virginia and former president of the NAACP, and current professor at the Kennedy Harvard School, said that while Virginia is embracing politics, economics and the future, "there is a limit to its progress.

"West Virginia is still in Virginia. It is a southern state in the middle of the Atlantic, but remember that Richmond is the capital city of the co-ops," said Brooks.

"Do not hesitate to say that the lovers of the old folk have gone. Just because you ride down the street in Richmond, there's a souvenir there. Still flags are still flying. And there are some people who could be an elite, who is still engaged in those old ways of thinking. "

Some of the Maidens say that much of the worming is & # 39; allegedly just something north of Virginia. There is a migration of academics, government employees, and those with more liberal politics with places like Alexandria and Arlington, just outside of Washington, where Amazon is setting up its new suggestion, Virginia has a sewage politics.

A sign with a general contest Robert E Lee is accompanied by a sign of anti-hatred.

A sign with a general contest Robert E Lee is accompanied by a sign of anti-hatred. Photo: Brian Snyder / Reuters

"In theory, it may be becoming more progressive, but it is at a surface level," said Perry, the radio host.

She pointed out the support of the Virginia government for a gas pipeline compressor station to be built in the Hill Hill historic historic community, 70 miles west of Richmond, despite the fear of the environmentalists that it could pollute the air. And recently last October, Northam went dressed as James Barbour, a slaveowner who ruled Virginia between 1812-14, for Halloween.

Outside the left to the north, the ancillary cancers are difficult to lose. Monument Avenue is a super-gallery gallery of subsidiaria figures, which runs from Richmond west towards Capitol of the State.

The commander of Matthew Fontaine Maury is consistent, the general alliance of Stonewall Jackson and the escort president Jefferson Davis, going over the street. The main monument of Robert E Lee, and the ancillary commander depicting a huge horse, looks out of the city.

On Thursday, Virginia chapitol repeated protests, although the scandal was not over-surface at this time. Hundreds of anti-abortion campaigns collected to counter a bill that would impede restrictions on the abortion of terms released. Days before the racially defeated of Northam, the bill for his support for the bill had resigned.

Rosemary Storaska, retired teacher, was a red "Make America Great Again" hat, one of the people attending Donald Trump's garb. She thought that the abortion bill should be taken off by Northam, but the black-haired controversy was also being denied.

"He's doing something that is not Virginia," she said. "It's quite important because it's hypocrisy. Racism is the tool of Democrats, how they won over Virginia."

Storaska did not think that the state had a race problem. Some of the "flaggers" know, she said – people who confront and consume monuments, or accept, will be the ancillary flag – but said they were not racist.

"Storaska said is the most patent people you see. "And Democrats must be labeled on white supremacists."

McLean House in the national park of Appomattox Court House is the site of the Confederate army surrender in 1865.

McLean House is a national park of Appomattox Court House than the Confederate army surrender site in 1865. Photo: David Levene / The Guardian

The most conservative parts of Virginia are covered in the south and west, separated from the state of West Virginia, a Republican democratic, at the Apalanian mountains.

The west-west drive through Richmond, Appomattox town, where the courthouse is one of the most important sites in the history of the USA. It was here that the armies of the Federation, under Robert E Lee, finally returned to the Union on April 9, 1865, effectively ending the civil war.

Appomattox Court House is a national historic park today, and red brick buildings were rebuilt in 1865 days.

There were poor visitors on Thursday evening, but the people of the light weather from the Virginian side were of the same opinion: Northam must go.

"It's really shocking," said Andrew Myers, who was visiting the Appomattox Court House with his wife and five children.

"I do not understand why people would do that: dress up with KKK outfit or spend a dark person, even at a party. It's not funny."

Myers, 50, is only seven years younger than Herring, but he never said he did not see any of his consultants for shoe snasa, dark decoration, or any other type of surface. The allegations against Fairfax were also having trouble.

"The three of our best leadership in our state are going on these embarrassing questions … I pray for Virginia. I do not think it is representative," said Myers.

One of the most recent examples of Charlottesville, driving hours north, is the country still to racist in the past.

Non-Nazis, alt-correct, and white supremacists survive through the University of Virginia campus with torches in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 11, 2017.

Non-nautical, art-correct, and white teachers marching through the University of Virginia campus with torches in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 11, 2017. Photo: Samuel Corum / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

It has been more than two years since hundreds of white supremacists gathered in the city for the "Unite the Right" line have resulted in Heather Heyer left dead civil rights activist and many injured people.

Later, Donald Trump claimed that "white people" were among the white white markers.

The sculpture Robert E Lee in Charlottesville, which was an embroidery point of the right yet to apply that day, surrounded by orange barriers and saying "No transcersion".

There are several blocks south where Heyer's people were.

Flowers, candles and messages are always covered on the spot. "Black Lives Matter" is a collective, as well as "No color is love".

If ultimately comes from the sad scandal in state power corridors, the only message at Heyer's souvenir may be particularly relevant:

"We can create a better world," he says.

"Even with our mistakes."


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