Photos of Valve’s in-house game console “Steam Deck” package and carrying case will be released –GIGAZINE

Game distribution platform “SteamTo expandValveIs an in-house handheld game machine that can play games distributed on Steam.Steam DeckIs scheduled to be released in February 2022. Photos of the final Steam Deck package and carrying case have been officially released on the official website.

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This is the Steam Deck’s box – The Verge

The Steam Deck announced by Valve has a screen size of 7 inches, Zen 2 CPU & RDNA 2 GPU & 16GB RAM, and can be connected to external devices such as monitors and keyboards. The overall size is a high-performance portable game machine with a size of 298 mm x 117 mm x 49 mm, which is one size larger than the Nintendo Switch.

Steam Deck is driven by Arch Linux-based proprietary OS “Steam OS 3.0”, and you can see at a glance the support status of various items such as controller support, display support, system support for games sold on Steam.Deck VerifiedIs also implemented. In addition, a compatibility layer that enables games for Windows to be played on Linux “ProtonThrough “Can also run non-Steam gamesAnd that.

And on December 3, 2021, Steam wrote on its official blog, “This time, we have completed the DV (design verification) manufacturing build of Steam Deck.” “Before we start shipping to developers, customers are in February. Please see the final package you will get, “he said, and released photos of the final package and carrying case of Steam Deck.

This is the package image that was actually released.

The inside of the box is filled with letters in various languages. In Japanese, there are words such as “at the Ferris wheel,” “at the station,” and “at the waiting time,” and the situations in which you can play handheld game consoles in other languages ​​are described.

Included are 1 Steam Deck, 1 carrying case, and 1 power cable.The length of the cable is 1.5m, and the input is USB Type-CIt has become.

The carrying case looks like this.

The Steam Deck fits comfortably inside.

Steam Deck was originally scheduled to ship in December 2021, but due to a shortage of raw materials, the component did not reach the manufacturing plant, so the shipping schedule has been postponed to February 2022.

Valve announces postponement of shipping date for its own game console “Steam Deck” –GIGAZINE

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