“Phra Phai Ramida” is a boyfriend of Ne Win’s son, acquitted of third-party Weir.

It’s called a job that’s not a lot of work for a young female protagonist of Channel 7. Phra Phai Ramida After netizens open the portal Claims that she is a mysterious girl who Weir Sukolwat Went to rent a car in Nan and guessed that they might go to film a drama that they played together. make people mistaken for Bella Ranee

But there are some that link This may be the reason why the young Weir breaks up with the girl Bella, and some people are dissatisfied. Previously, the manager of Phra Phai came out to explain to the media that Phra Phai has never been to Nan with Num Weir. There was also evidence of a flight on the day the issue occurred.

Recently, netizens have leveraged another evidence to help Phra Phai’s daughter. That is a sweet picture of Phra Phai with his ex-boyfriend, Naen Choticchanok Chidchob, the youngest son of Newin Chidchob, the president of Buriram United Football Club.

And when I looked at IG, I found that The man just posted a picture with Phra Phai on November 15, 2021. which confirms that The love between the two is still normal as usual.



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