Phra Phayom disdains a monk who is indecent to invite relatives to scrub the rocket If you can’t ordain well, then feel bad.

Phra Phayom Tingrang, the monks are indecent, invite their relatives to scrub rockets, shameless, shameless.

In the case of one Twitter user posting a picture A monk takes a selfie showing a mannequin and a penis. with a message saying “My breasts are ready for you to lean on during the break” and “Let’s take a shower, brothers and sisters (picture of a rocket)”

Later, the famous Facebook page Eso press news 2 shared a picture of the monk with the message that ” Reverend Preacher who has the job of diplomat abbot of a famous forest temple As well as inviting relatives to help polish the rocket He still likes to show off her figure, showing the top and bottom hairs regularly.” Try asking the abbot of Wat Pa Nikhom Samakkhitham (Korat) if you know the man in the picture?? Cause netizens to comment in such cases that it is inappropriate, including degrading Buddhism. As for some netizens, they said that they have stopped making merit with the monks and have lost faith in the monks in this age.

Most recently, at 3:00 pm on January 28, 2023, the reporter went to Wat Suan Kaew, Bang Len Sub-District, Bang Yai District, Nonthaburi Province, to meet Phra Phayom Kalayano, abbot of Suan Kaew Temple, to inquire about cases such in the story about the monks who invited relatives to help polish the rocket and show genitalia on social media Including asking about the monastic circles which are negative issues that are constantly posted on social media every day

Phra Phayom said that in such a case, in the Dharma language, it is called “Bhikkhu Tummanku”, which means that those who are shy, brazen, shameless, expose pornographic images on media social. In the past, in the circle of the monks, there was never such a thing, There used to be only kicks against birds. In this age, it has reached the point of showing the genitals. In this case, it’s still just “lokwatcha”. If you take Gemini whenever you become a monk, you immediately fall out of being a monk.

So I would like to recommend to the monk mentioned above Make yourself look better. act as a field of merit Don’t act like hell meat. Help inherit religion, not inherit obscenity, shamelessness, no regrets. If you cannot behave well, then feel free to leave and do not delay the progress of religion.

Phra Phayom further said that Nowadays, the circle of monks or Buddhism can be considered that there are more and more scandalous stories on social media every day. I would like the relevant agencies, namely the Buddhist centers in each state, to help each other to protect religion. Investigate and take care of the monks’ misconduct.

Finally, I would like to leave a message for Buddhists who are now confused or have lost their faith in Buddhism. Let relatives discriminate, don’t include the minority of monks who are no good. to compare to the monks who practice according to the teachings of the Buddha then consider it the karma of these people, so it can be compared to these people as rubbish Some day it will be washed ashore by the waves of the sea . And my relatives think that we should not let other people’s badness deteriorate our goodness and our faith. He has bad karma. We must strive to act, protect and defend properly. Good people and bad people are mixed in every organization because people are now far from morality, so different perverse things happen.

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