‘Phua Thai’ chartered an EV bus and took the Bangkok team to submit an application for MP tomorrow.

Photo from Thai Pheu Party

Areas for carrying the candidates who ride in EVs present to compete for MPs in Bangkok Stadium ‘Aung Ing’ join to win numbers

on April 2 Mrs. Puangpetch Chunlae The Chairman of the Bangkok District Political Coordinating Committee revealed that on April 3, as part of the Members of Parliament request in the Bangkok district constituency that all 33 party candidates will gather at Thai Pheu Party early in the morning to travel to the Thailand Youth Center -Japan with party leaders like Chaikasem Nitisiri Mr Chair of Strategy and Political Direction of the Thai Pheu Party Mr Phumtham Wechayachai Mr Chusak Sirinil the deputy leader of the party, including himself

Said Mrs Puangpetch traveling together in a convoy of EV buses while Ms. Paethongtarn Shinawatra the head of the Pheu Thai family joins in the Thailand-Japan Stadium to encourage the party’s future candidates And when applying and getting the number ready Pheu Thai Party candidates will travel to the City Pillar Shrine to pay respect to the City Pillar Shrine. Before entering your own area to attach a number and publicize it to the public.

When asked whether this election is confident in the Bangkok stadium or not, Ms Puangpetch replied that I am confident that Plaid Thai Pheu will win the hearts of the people of Bangkok. Because of different polls the people of Bangkok are in great economic trouble. I believe that people would want to change so that a new set of executives comes to be responsible.

Mrs said Puangpet that Mr. If we do not land sliding, there is a second chance that uncle will come back. So believe that the people will pay attention to Thai Pheu Party. and asked the people not to share their hearts with other political parties The only Thai Pheu Thai Party to become the government

“I would like to ask for an opportunity for Plaid Pheu Thai to participate in the work of rebuilding the country. especially in terms of economy Let our country return to the forefront of Asia,” said Ms Puangpetch.

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