Phuket reveals 130 tourists from South Africa Entered from 15 Nov.

Phuket meets 130 tourists from South Africa Came in since November 15, but has been monitoring the disease. which the laptop day center at Phuket Airport Has not been found to be infected.

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December 1, 2021 – Dr. Kusak Kukiatkul Phuket Provincial Public Health said that Omicron is a new mutant infection. can be easily attached But the symptoms are not many. Academic data is not much. The information is updated all the time. And the Ministry of Public Health has measures to watch out, especially the closure of the entrance to the entrance.

Phuket uses the same measures that the country has announced. in 8 high-risk countries from South Africa It has been banned from entering Phuket in the Test&Go project and has been prohibited from registering since November 27 in the eight countries mentioned. and since December 1, no travel in

However, for those who have traveled to Phuket from 8 countries since Nov. 15, 130 people have been monitored for disease control in that number. But the Lab Day Center at Phuket Airport Has not been found to be infected. have to monitor the symptoms Received good cooperation from the business sector and health officials.

Phuket governor Narong Vunziew said Phuket must move forward to control the spread of COVID-19. If there are more patients Empty beds are still available. Not yet critical. Standby mode. Don’t be careless. Always ready to be prepared. Even with new species coming But we are fully protected and have to move forward with the people’s stomach income from incoming tourists The business sector estimates that there may be up to 3 hundred thousand people, so Phuket will continue to move forward. All parties must help each other.


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