Phyathai 2 Hospital joins forces with AstraZeneca to organize the exhibition “THE ART OF X-ray”

Phyathai 2 Hospital and AstraZeneca Continued collaboration in pushing AI innovation forward to increase efficiency in early lung cancer screening By organizing the exhibition “THE ART OF X-ray” to tell about the impact of pollution on Thai people’s health.

After signing a memorandum of agreement under the project “Promoting Early Lung Cancer Screening with AI technology” in March, Phyathai 2 Hospital and AstraZeneca Thailand have worked closely together. Raise awareness of the importance of health checks and early screening for lung cancer. Willing to continuously promote the use of innovation and technology to improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

The exhibition “THE ART OF X-ray” this time is considered another extension of the collaboration. Improve understanding of AI technology and encourage more people to check their lung health. on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day

On June 2, 2023, Dr. Thuanthosaporn Suwanjutha, Director of Medical Support Department of PMC Group Hospitals and Director of Medical Support Department of Phyathai 2 Hospital, said that lung cancer is another serious disease that causes more patients and many casualties Due to the current situation full of air pollution This puts even non-smokers at risk of developing lung cancer. However, if cancer is detected early, it can be treated.

“Through advances in AI innovation, we can more efficiently detect small abnormal lumps. In the past, it was usually only detected when the lump grew. This increases the chance of detecting lung cancer early before it has spread. It helps patients enter the treatment system in a timely manner,” said Dr. Thuanthosaporn, MD.


Mr. added Roman Ramos, President of the AstraZeneca Company (Thailand), that As an ally of the Lung Ambition Alliance (LAA), AstraZeneca is committed to doubling the ‘five-year survival rate’ of lung cancer patients by 2025 as one of the strategies to move towards that goal. is committed to innovation and the development of medical innovation

to improve the efficiency of disease diagnosis Ready to increase the ability to cure The use of AI innovation in screening for early stage lung cancer It will help the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis of the disease. and more efficiently As a result, cancer patients receive rapid treatment. and reduce the mortality rate.

At the event “THE ART OF X-ray” showcase work and innovative developments. AI for healthcare in a new dimension By communicating through 10 characters with different behaviors and illnesses. Ready to show the simulated results from the AI ​​Chest (Artificial Intelligence for Chest) program as X-ray images. To highlight areas that should be watched, for example, areas that are very abnormal and that should be watched are red and run from cool to warm tones.


For those who are interested, you can visit the exhibition “THE ART OF X-ray” at Phyathai 2 Hospital from May 31 to June 14, 2023 in the hall on the 1st floor, Building B, in front of Starbucks. Phyathai 2 Hospital or follow more details at


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