‘Physical: 100’ PD ‘Chun-Li · Park Hyung-geun Controversy? Do not encourage conflict between the sexes [SE★현장]

‘Physical: 100’ Jang Ho-gi PD / Photo = Courtesy of Netflix

The PD from ‘Physical: 100’ expressed his position on the recent debate about fairness in the conflict between men and women.

On the morning of the 7th, a press conference for the Netflix entertainment show ‘Physical: 100’ was held at Community House Masil in Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul. Jang Ho-gi attended MBC PD and talked about various things about the program.

‘Physical: 100’, released on the 24th of last month, is an extreme survival game entertainment where 100 people who are proud to be the strongest physically to find the best body with the physical most powerful. Fierce physical fights and psychological warfare full of tension that will develop until the last one survives, and a variety of fun that will burst into it.

‘Physical: 100’ is a program that breaks quests regardless of gender. Male martial artist Hyung-geun Park recently had a one-on-one death match with female bodybuilder Chun-Li. In the midst of a fierce confrontation, Park Hyung-geun pressed his chest to subdue Chun-ri, which led to controversy as a “mean attack”.

PD Jang said, “The purpose of the program is to find the perfect body regardless of gender. I explained the big concept to everyone and got permission, and those people showed up,” he said, “and the game can be stopped on at any time.” He continued, “It’s a problem to provoke gender conflict even outside of our program. Chun-Li and Park Hyeong-geun did their best, and Chun-Li also has good strength, so she can subdue completely men.”

Chun-Li also explained the misunderstanding through her Instagram on the 31st. He said, “Park Hyeong-geun fought fair as an athlete, and I had no problems or complaints about this conflict. I knew it was a conflict regardless of gender, and I expected that martial skills coming out of course because my opponent was a martial artist.” He took 300 million won in prize money, but where are the men and women? It’s not against fairness.”

As soon as ‘Physical: 100’ was released, it became popular as it was listed in the Netflix Global Top 10 TV Show (non-English) category in 33 countries including Korea, Canada, England, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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