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VTuber Mato Ota said on November 28th, “PrimitierAnnounced that early access distribution will start on Steam on December 3rd. The latest PV with the main theme is also released.

“Primitia” is a VR sandbox game. It will be a VR-only title. In this work, you can craft tools and machines while making or cutting things in the vast world. The feature of this work is a meticulous craft system. For example, if you pick up a stone and hit a tree, the tree will be cut based on where you hit it. And if you stick a wooden stick and a stone together, it becomes a stone ax. You can not only make things, but also cut and join them to make things. Almost any object that exists in the game can be used as a material.

In addition, since advanced physics calculations have been introduced, weight and other factors are related to the behavior of items. Specifically, it is said that the ease of swinging and destructive power of a stone ax change depending on the length of the handle and the weight of the stone. It is also possible to make machines such as catapults and carts and operate them physically. Air resistance, lift, buoyancy, etc. are also simulated in the game. There are laws of physics in this world. However, it seems that he gave up on the water flow.

A numerical value is set for each object, and the point that the numerical value is displayed on the screen is also a feature of this work. In the released video, the number decreases as the player hits the tree with a stone ax, and when it reaches 0, the tree collapses. Numerical values ​​are also displayed on the enemy, and by attacking, the numerical value decreases or the enemy splits. Visualizing each number is an interesting attempt. This is a measure that clearly shows that this game is a game based on numbers and simulations. In addition, it is possible to change the avatar by reading a VRM format file. It seems that there is no online element in this work.

Along with the announcement of the delivery date, Mato Ota has released a roadmap after the early access delivery of the same work. New biomes, plants / minerals and holster systems will be added in the first half of the roadmap. In the second half, a terrain change system, electrical and logic circuits, and creative mode will be implemented. According to the Steam store page, the early access delivery period is planned to be 1-2 years for the time being. The demo version of this work was distributed on and has been in test operation for a long time, but it seems that early access distribution will finally start on Steam.

Mr. Mato Ota has a similar name to our magazine AUTOMATON, but it has nothing to do with it. However, when I published an article about the game “Automaton” in our magazine AUTOMATON, Mr. Ota had a past that he liked the tweet of the article. That’s the connection. That doesn’t mean that, but I’m looking forward to Mato Ota’s new work.

“Primitier” will be available for early access on Steam on December 3rd.

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