PIA planes continue to suffer technical problems, passengers are worried

Karachi: There is a continuous increase in the technical faults of Boeing 777 planes of the national airline PIA, as a result of which the passengers are facing serious problems.

In this regard, the sources say that the maintenance and repair of the planes is not being done properly by the engineering department of PIA.

According to the sources, the flights to Saudi Arabia are constantly being disrupted, PIA is having to bear the expenses of millions of dollars on one plane.

Two Boeing 777 aircraft operating for Saudi Arabia are continuously experiencing technical problems, the APU of PIA flight PK760 coming from Jeddah to Lahore has developed a technical problem.

The aircraft was pushing back from the boarding bridge to take off when the auxiliary power unit (APU) heated up, the captain applied the emergency brake and used a fire bottle.

The spokesperson of PIA says that on this occasion the passengers were shifted to the lounge, fire bottles have been dispatched from Pakistan and the aircraft has been grounded.

According to the PIA administration, the flight was delayed for more than 24 hours, the passengers have been shifted to the hotel.

This is the second Boeing 777 aircraft of PIA during the last 24 hours, the smog warning came repeatedly in the cockpit of the plane from Sialkot to Jeddah.

The spokesperson of PIA further said that the passengers will be dispatched from Jeddah to Lahore according to the time of Saudi Arabia.