Pick and plate in Medellín second semester 2023

The Pico y Placa in Medellín for the second semester of 2023, will be in force from Monday, July 17, however, the first week will be pedagogical.

The measure is applied from Monday to Friday, between 5:00 am and 8:00 pm, and includes two daily digits for both cars and motorcycles.

The vehicle restriction for cars, trucks, campers, motorcycles and ATVs is made according to the last number of the license plate, while for motorcycles, motorcycles, three-wheelers and two- and four-stroke mopeds, it is made according to the first number of the license plate. the plate.

The pico y placa will govern the entire city, there are no exempt roads, not even Las Palmas avenue.

This is the rotation of the peak and plate for the second semester:

Pick and plate exemption

Hybrid, electric and gas converted vehicles are exempt.

Also exempt are: vehicles for emergency care, vehicles that provide personalized and/or home medical care, vehicles that perform work related to the rescue of organs and tissues and their transplantation.

Likewise, vehicles intended for the transport of food and/or perishable items, duly accredited and linked to the commercial activity, cargo vehicles, vehicles intended for the provision of public services, vehicles owned by the media, national security vehicles belonging to to the Military Forces, National Police, INPEC and the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation.

Also vehicles for traffic control, vehicles for transporting people with illness and/or disability, understood as alternative mobility challenges, vehicles for transporting valuables, vehicles equipped with armor equal to or greater than level 3, funeral cars and Vehicles belonging to security companies.

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Sanctions for breaching the peak and plaque

As of Monday, July 24, the sanctions for non-compliance with the pick and plate measure begin, which generates the immobilization of the vehicle and an economic sanction of 15 legal daily minimum wages in force, equivalent to $500,000.

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